Vacationing With Your Pets

If you are like the majority of pet owners, you consider your pet to be part of the family. That makes it really painful to leave your pet at a boarding facility when you go away on a vacation. You already know your pet likes having fun and sharing exciting experiences with you. Most people don’t realize that it’s not all that difficult to find Surfside Beach pet friendly vacation rentals where your pet is welcome to stay with you.

Luckily, more and more of our Surfside Beach pet friendly vacation rentals allow pets to stay in rentals with their owners. Call ahead and ask when making reservations. Some properties do charge a small additional fee for pets staying in the rental. This is understandable when considering the time involved in cleaning pet hair from the furniture.

If your pet is accustomed to having a special bed or blanket to sleep on, then bring it along. This makes your pet feel more "at home" and comfortable in the new surroundings. Pets know where they are supposed to lie down because they have their familiar item to designate the space that is "theirs." If your pets are crate trained, you have the perfect "luggage" to bring along.

For the most part, pets are happy just being with you. With days full of exploring, you will both sleep well in our Surfside Beach pet friendly vacation rentals when the day has come to an end and wake up ready to experience the next new day filled with experiences you can share.

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