What’s Going in Our Beach Bag – Spring Break Edition

Who’s ready for Spring Break?! Whether you’re taking the family to the beach for a much-needed getaway or going with a group of friends, the beach is THE place to be for spring vacation. If you’re still in a winter daze and can’t remember everything you need to take with you, we’ve rounded up a healthy list for you!


Hear us out! Your skin likely hasn’t been exposed to sunlight or UV rays in months, so it’s prone to burn quite easily. Even if you tan well, we recommend spraying on SPF 30 for the first few days as the sun will be a shock to all skin types. Trust us, it’s not worth risking skin cancer over. 


Perhaps your sunnies are buried deep in the closet or squeezed in between the seats of your car. We give you permission to buy yourself a new pair for the 2020 season so long as you promise not to lose them at the beach!

Beach Towel:

If there’s one item that’s easy to forget to back, it’s a beach towel! We don’t know why but it’s true. Perhaps we’re just so excited to camp out on the beach that we forget to bring one!. Either way, we know you’ll be reaching for one when you come out of the water or want to lay on your stomach to tan your backside. 


If you’re going to camp out for the day, pack some sandwiches, fruit, water, and other yummy snacks your body is sure to crave. Even if you’re just going for a few hours, pack some fruit or hummus and crackers to appease your mid-day appetite. You don’t want to have to pack up all your belongings and leave the beach to find food!


There are so many reasons you may be reaching for wipes throughout the day: wiping your hands before and after eating, wiping children’s sticky hands, getting the sand off your hands, wiping yourself off before getting in the car so you don’t get sand all in it, etc. The list goes on and on! Toss in a bag of wipes as you’re sure to use them throughout the day! 


Pack a book you’ve been wanting to read, such as Little Fires Everywhere or Where the Crawdads Sing to pass the time. Alternatively, if you’re with a group and want to talk, bring a small portable speaker with you and put on your favorite tunes for some good background music. And, we don’t think we have to remind you, but don’t leave your phone behind either! 

Toys for the Kids (if applicable):

If you’re traveling with kids (whether they’re yours or someone else’s), they’ll be chomping at the bit to build sandcastles and dig around in the sand. Toss a couple of buckets and shovels in a bag so they can entertain themselves. 

Extra clothing:

If you’re used to wearing a swimsuit cover down to the beach, great! If not, at least toss on a t-shirt and shorts. When the afternoon sun starts beaming down on you, you might want to cover your shoulders and back for a few minutes to avoid burning. On that note, bring a hat to keep your scalp from roasting! Whether you fancy extravagant broad beach hats or a simple baseball cap, you’ll want to wear one for a while to protect your head. 

Portable charger:

Are you used to dipping out the door with your phone on 10% battery? If so, toss in a portable charger so your phone can charge at the beach. You don’t want to miss out on all the great photo ops! 

If you’re planning a beach trip, bookmark this post so you can refer to it when you’re tossing all the goods in your bag! We don’t want you to leave anything behind!

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