Hurricane Preparedness




  • Preparation of Property
  • When to re-enter after evacuation
  • Damage Assessment
  • Contacting Surfside Realty/Surfside Realty Procedures

PREPARATION OF PROPERTY Surfside Realty does not board properties.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to contact a vendor, add your property to their clientele list, supply the location of the boards to the vendor, how the boards are to be secured to the house, give codes for entry if needed, and communicate when service is needed.

  1. Boarding Windows and Doors
  2. Bringing outdoor furniture inside/securing furniture
  1. Surfside Realty Preferred Vendors to board are:

Island Preferred - Rich Sullivan - (443) 695-3477
Steve Thomas - (843) 997-0059
GNW Home Improv. & Tree - Gary Watts  (843) 424-5209
Coastal Choice Home Inspection - Josh Brannon  (864) 303-3063  
DNL Industries - Daniel Lemmons  (843) 251-4091  DNLindustries.mb@gmail.coom
H & M Construction Services - Hobb Wilson  (843) 276-4216

  1. Surfside Realty will be taking outdoor furniture inside for those properties that selected “Yes” to Storm Prep on the Property Information Sheet. Please see below list of confirmed “Storm Prep” properties.
  2. If you are on the “Storm Prep” list for outdoor furniture to be taken inside or secured, Surfside Realty will be going to your property FIRST.  We begin this service at the first sign of pending inclement weather. The service charge for this is $40.
  3. Surfside Realty will be coming back to your property to place the outdoor furniture back outside if you have a guest arriving. If you do not have a guest arriving, your outdoor furniture will remain inside pending any future storms.  At the end of hurricane season, Surfside Realty will have a list of properties that need to be visited.  The charge to bring your furniture back outside is $40.


  • Surfside Realty does not accept responsibility to communicate when an evacuation has been lifted.
  • Watch local news and weather for most current evacuation status and road closures.
  • Visit for South Carolina Emergency Management website.
  • Visit for South Carolina Department of Transportation website.


  • Monitor your email inbox.
  1. We will send an email if inclement weather is a threat and there is a voluntary evacuation. This email will let you know that we have begun our emergency procedures. We will also most likely be short staffed as our employees prepare their homes for the incoming storm.
  2. We will send an email before our office closes. At this time, our email server and phone lines will be shut off.
  3. We will send an email when we return to the office and are up and running.


  • We will have employees working remotely to assist with further communication during the storm. We have set up a specific email address for you to contact while our office is closed.  This email is (This email address is not checked regularly while our office is open.)
  • Watch the Surfside Realty website for announcements and further information.


  • Be in contact with your vendor regarding the removal of your boards and patching any holes that were made when securing the boards to the side of your property. While this vendor is at the property, please ask if they will inspect for apparent damage. If your property has damage, please email us and let us know if we need to coordinate repairing the damage or if your vendor will be repairing it for you.
  • If your vendor does not inspect for damage, please email us at or and we will send someone to inspect for damage.



Please use the link below to update your information for our records.


Our Best,

Surfside Realty Company



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