Winter temperatures are forecasted for the Myrtle Beach area and it is time to consider preparing your property. Surfside Realty Company wants to prevent any possible damage to your property such as pipes freezing or bursting.

For the owners who have monthly renters during the winter months, there should not be an issue. For the owners who do not have monthly renters, it is important that you contact our office and arrange a time to have our maintenance staff winterize your property.

Services Offered

  • Setting thermostat(s) to 66 degrees
  • Opening cabinet doors under sinks
  • Turning off breaker to hot water heater and draining tank
  • Turning off main water supply and draining home to lowest point (Where applicable)
  • Shutting off outdoor showers and spigots

If you are on the “Winterization” list,  Surfside Realty will be going to your property FIRST.  We begin this service at the first sign of pending inclement weather. 


2023-2024 Winterization List

A Beach Day
A Copa Banana
A Dream
Above The Mango Deck
Abundant Sea
Atlantic Breeze
Atlantic Dawn
Beach Bear 
Beach Dreams
Blessed In Waves
Blue Heaven
C - Batical
California Dreamin
Cape Coddages I 107
Cape Coddages I 109
Changes In Latitude
Coastal Cottage
Dolphin Cay 102
Floral Villas D13
It's A Stone Harbor Thing
Jackie's Place
Just Peachy
La Mar Grande 
Latitude Adjustment
Living Waters
Lone Palm
Moon Shadow
Moonlight Surf
Mortgage Manor
Nautical Blue Inn 
Ned's Cove #5
Ocean Club
Ocean Empress
Once Upon A Tide
Portobello I Unit 310
Portobello II Unit 1308 - Clever Crab Escape
Portofino II 313A
Portofino II 317C
Portofino IV 2022
Raycliff at the Beach
Royal Palm
Sam's Shack
Sandy Shores III 123
Sea Bridge 1020
Sea Cloisters II 101B
Sea Cloisters II 205B
Sea Gullable
Sea Oaks 308
Sea Shadow 304
Sea Shadow 402
Seahorse Saloon
Seaside Retreat
Sunny In Surfside
The RegentSea
Three Sips to Sand (fka Springs House)
Family Traditions