Winter temperatures are forecasted for the Myrtle Beach area and it is time to consider preparing your property. Surfside Realty Company wants to prevent any possible damage to your property such as pipes freezing or bursting.

For the owners who have monthly renters during the winter months, there should not be an issue. For the owners who do not have monthly renters, it is important that you contact our office and arrange a time to have our maintenance staff winterize your property.

Services Offered

  • Raising thermostat to 66 degrees
  • Opening cabinet door at sinks
  • Turning off breaker to hot water heater
  • Turning off main water supply and draining home to lowest point (Where applicable)
  • Shutting Off dunes crossover showers and spigots
  • Showers and Spigots will be drained and will be turned back on afterwards

If you are on the “Winterization” list,  Surfside Realty will be going to your property FIRST.  We begin this service at the first sign of pending inclement weather. 


Abundant  Sea
Admirals Quarters II, No. 12
Anchor In (Cypress Cove 154)
Anchored Down
Angler Villas 2
Beach Walk 204
Breakers Edge
Channel Marker 204
Channel Marker 206
Dolphin Cay 102
Floral Villa D 13
Hide N Sea
Joye-Phil Time
Lazy Flip Flop 
Moore Fun
Palmetto Paradise
Portobello III 20
Portobello III 26 (Endless Summer Nights)
Princeton House II #9
Sand Tiger
Sandfiddler 201
Sea Cloisters II 101B
Sea Cloisters II 205B
Sea Dreams
Sea Grove 101
Sea Shadow 402
Sea Shadow 406
Sea View B
Seventh Heaven
Stewart Cottage
Surfwatch III 401
The Pink Flamingo 
Wynding Down