Cozy Monthly Beach Rentals

Are you looking for a home away from home this winter? If you’re looking to spend a month in a warm climate where the waves kiss the sandy shore, look no further than Surfside’s beach rentals. In this post, we’ve compiled the 5 most homely and stunning beach homes for a range of preferences. 

19th Hole: If you’re looking for a large oceanfront house, this 5-bedroom home is your match! It comes with ocean forward porches that are perfect for sipping your morning cup of coffee and reading a book in the mid-afternoon. You can gaze out at the pool below and the ocean ahead as you soak in the Southern sun. 19th Hole is equipped with basic kitchen amenities so you can cook as much as you please. On the contrary, Garden City Pier is just 2 miles away and is chock full of restaurants. 

Sunny Days: At Sunny Days, you’ll find ocean forward covered porches on the first and second level amongst a beautifully maintained yard and private pool. This 5-bedroom home includes high speed internet, televisions, and all basic kitchen and living amenities. Nestled on the 2nd row, Sunny Days hits the perfect price point for beachgoers looking to spend an extended at the beach without compromising style. 

Shore Perfection: This ocean-forward beach home is perfect for a scenic beach trip. It includes a private walkway to the beach so you can catch the sunrise, sunset, or take a mid-afternoon stroll to the Surfside Pier. You’ll be pleased to know that pets are allowed at this vacation home, so bring your furry friend along! 

Moonlight Surf: This bright yellow beach home is perfect for soaking in the salt air and listening to the waves crash against the shore. It offers 6 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with basic kitchen and living amenities. You’ll find the exterior porches are perfect for grilling, reading, and sipping an afternoon cup of tea. Situated on the 2nd-row, this home is just a short walk from the sandy shore. 

Hide-N-Sea: Hide-N-Sea is the perfect oceanfront, 5-bedroom house for those looking to soak in as many ocean views as possible. Wake up early for a breathtaking sunrise and spend the rest of your day shopping and exploring the town! Although this vacation home is equipped with basic kitchen amenities, we invite you to experience Myrtle Beach’s restaurant scene. Once you spend a month here, you’re not going to want to leave! 

Are you thinking of booking a monthly rental? If any of these properties strike your eye or if you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re happy to help you choose a rental that works well for your budget, dates, and taste. We look forward to hosting you soon! 

6 Fun Facts about Carolina Ocean Species You Didn’t Know

Are you planning a trip to the southern coast this summer? Of course you are! (Or should be!) Whether you’re coming to the south for abundant sunshine or a short work escape, our coastal waters hold unique sea creatures and shells that you won’t find on many coastlines. Keep an eye out for these ocean treasures next time you come to Mrytle Beach:


Dolphins: Bottlenose dolphins are a common sight on the southeast coast, but that doesn’t make them any less of a treat to see. These intelligent marine animals range from 300-450 pounds and live up to 40 years. In fact, dolphins can hear sounds up to 15 miles away under water. So, do they ever take a moment to rest? In a sense — Dolphins sleep with 50% of their brain awake and one eye open. Talk about a light night’s sleep!

Jellyfish: Believe it or not, jellyfish existed before dinosaurs! The common knowledge that jellyfish are notorious for stinging is no joke. In fact, they have millions of small stinging cells in their tentacles that help them capture a snack by injecting toxin into their prey. Watch out!

Seagull: While you’re probably thinking “of course there’s seagulls; it’s the beach,” you might not know how insanely clever they are. Over the years, seagulls have learned and passed on behaviors, such as stomping their feet on the ground to imitate rainfall, thus tricking worms to come to the surface for a tasty snack. In addition, seagulls are one of the few animals who can drink both fresh and saltwater thanks to a pair of glands between their eyes which flush the salt out the openings in the bill. What a colony of smart cookies!


Sundial: Shells that come from a snail are known as a sundial and are distinguished by their flattened disc shape and spirals. The shell coating can range from white to rainbow color and can have a low lustre or be highly iridescent, although most sundials on the southeast coast are neutral colored.

A sundial is unique in the sense that it’s a flattened disc shape and exhibits beautiful spirals in the hues of white, brown, and ash. Believe it or not, some people recognize sundials for their healing properties. Apparently they can calm emotional situations, promote cooperation and bring harmony in relationships. Now you know how to get your significant other to do the grocery shopping this week; You’re welcome!)

Atlantic Giant Cockle: Equally as strange and humorous as its name is its presence on the coastal shores in South Carolina! Take a stroll down the beach and you’ll be sure to see an abundance of these fan-shaped shells. Radial ribs run throughout the length of the shell and each half is precisely the same size as the other half, making for a strong base that allows the shell to bury into sediment and filter plankton.

Campeche Angel Wing: This sleek, ivory colored shell has an elongated spoon shape that spans 4 inches at maturity. Despite its delicate name and appearance, the angel wing can bore through wood, coral, and even moderately hard rock. Lesson learned: Don’t judge a shell by its cover!

If you’re flocking to the southern shores this spring or summer, be on the lookout for these unique ocean gems! Are you someone who likes to collect shells, daydreams about dolphin sightings, or equally admires both? Let us know what you’re most excited to see at the beach the summer (besides the ocean and sun, of course)!

Mad March Vacation Specials

Planning a trip to the beach can seem like quite a task, especially if you’re travelling in from far away. Even if you’re not far from the Myrtle Beach area, picking the right house to stay in can require thorough research! Fear not! In this post, Surfside is going to point out current specials along with each home’s key features and amenities. We’ve just taken half the load off your vacation planning. (You’re welcome!) Read on for our special deals, and snag them before they’re gone:

Cricket 102: A cozy condo featuring just the right amount of color rests just steps away from the ocean. Complete with Internet, parking, two TVs, and essential kitchen appliances and amenities, Cricket 102 is optimal for single families or couples seeking an adventurous beach vacation. This one bedroom, one bathroom condo includes a private balcony and a sofa bed for extra guest room. Book for July 6-11 and receive a special rental rate of $650 for the week. Book for July 14-20th and receive a rate of $675!

Fore Shore: This five bedroom, four bathroom spacious beach home is situated around a private pool and encompasses a spacious kitchen, ample seating both in the living room and on the two private balconies, Internet and Tvs in each room, and kitchen essentials and appliances. Fore Shore is the optimal beach getaway for family get-togethers, Spring Break vacations, and a relaxing summer hiatus. Book a weekly reservation in 2019 and receive a free baby crib/pack ‘n play and high chair! Just be sure to request these items upon booking so we can make sure your rental is all set to enjoy when you arrive!

Blue Bayou: A pastel blue beach home beckons beach goers with its private pool, covered parking, Internet and TVs, and spacious four bedroom, three and a half bathroom floor plan. Sleep in comfort in one of the four queen or king beds, complemented with essential bedding. Spend late afternoons relaxing by the private pool, knowing you will have snagged a 20% off and a free linen package when you book a new weekly reservation in April or May! Talk about comfort.

A Copa Banana: A vibrant teal exterior welcomes you into a spacious five bedroom, five and a half bathroom retreat where modern amenities are abundant. Kitchen appliances, a washer and dryer, and ceiling fans have been installed for your convenience and comfort, and a private pool awaits your arrival. Book a weekly stay at A Copa Banana during the month of May and receive $500 off the rental rate! Enjoy a stay at this highly sought after rental before it’s booked.

To learn more about our ongoing specials, please check out ‘Specials & Deals’ page! If you’re contemplating planning a beach vacation to Myrtle Beach, snag one of these deals and get to planning the rest of your trip. Surfside Realty would love to welcome you!

Healthy Beach Snacks that Won’t Break Your Budget

After a long morning of relaxing on the beach, you’ll want an easy snack to keep up your energy for more sunbathing and body surfing!

In order to save time, money, and calories, planning out healthy snacks is an important part of your beach vacation. Keep reading for our suggestions for both healthy and easy beach snacks.

Fruit: Ah, is there anything more refreshing than fresh fruit on the beach? Grapes, watermelon, apples, and kiwi are just a few of our favorites! You can even pre-cut it the night before so you’re all ready to go in the morning. Pack these wholesome treats in a small container to keep the beach eco-friendly!

Nuts: Fruit and nuts go hand in hand. Nuts are the perfect source of healthy fat, plus, all you have to do is throw them in your bag and go for an easy beach snack!

Rice Cakes: Rice cakes are so versatile and healthy, hence why we love taking these fluffy air-filled rounds to the beach. Spread hummus on them for a savory snack, or peanut butter and fruit to satisfy a sweet tooth in a healthy way! With only 7 grams of carbs each, you can’t go wrong with snacking on rice cakes. Just pack a few in an airtight container to prevent them from going stale and you’re golden.

Wholesome crisps: Have you heard of kale chips? Trust us, they’re actually really good! Thin, crispy kale is air dried and dusted with loads of nutrients your body craves. Plus, they come in their own airtight packaging so you all you have to do in toss them in your beach tote and off you go! Super simple!

Granola Bars: It can be quite tricky to pick the right granola bar, as many on the market are loaded with unnecessary sugar and additives. Be sure to check the label for bars that contain few ingredients, low sugar/natural sweeteners, and a healthy balance of carbs and fat. Again, they come in their own sealed package, so all you have to do is toss them in your bag and set off on your beach day.

Hopefully this post gave you some ideas for what to bring along on your next beach day! What snacks do you swear by on the beach? We’re all ears for new suggestions!

Upcoming Events In Myrtle Beach

We really do love long walks on the beach, especially in the spring and summer. While there’s really no bad time to visit Myrtle Beach (hello, indoor activities galore!), the spring months hold a special place in our ocean-filled hearts. With that comes some of the best events of the year, and we are completely ready to celebrate with you. Mark your calendars for the best Myrtle Beach events from now through March:

Valentine’s Day: Myrtle Beach doesn’t slouch when it comes to celebrating the day of love! Take a short and scenic drive to Pawley’s Island from February 14-17 where local artists will host a pop-up art show with a romantic themes, such as moonlight walks on the beach. Bonus: admission is free and complimentary wine and refreshments will be served!

If you choose to stay in the Myrtle Beach area (we don’t blame you!), celebrate at the Splash of Love event hosted by the aquarium. Enjoy a four-course dinner for two in a memorable aquatic setting, one drink ticket, and admission to the aquarium.  

Are you looking for something to do in the lay hours before dinner? Take a complimentary carriage ride between 3-6pm at the Market Common!

Bravo Broadway: If you’re looking for a reason to enjoy Broadway tunes, this is it! On February 23rd, the Myrtle Beach High School will host the 11th Annual Bravo Broadway Show. Not only will you enjoy live music featuring Broadway artists, but your admission ticket price will benefit the Myrtle Beach Rotary Club, who aims to provide humanitarian services, encourage ethical standards in all vocations, and promote goodwill all around. Bring out your best singing voices and support a good cause!

Myrtle Beach Marathon: On Saturday, March 2nd, Myrtle Beach will host its 22nd annual marathon race. Dedicated marathon runners, 5k racers and families are encouraged to come out! The race will encompass both full and half marathon races, a 5k race and a race just for families. On your mark, get set, go!

Can-Am Day Festival: From March 9th-17th, Myrtle Beach welcomes returning seaside lovers from the north and locals alike. This festival is chock-full of free events, concerts, golf tournaments and discounts. There’s a little something for everyone to enjoy! Plan a family night out or round up your golf buddies for a good excuse to get everyone together for a fun time!

St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Irish Fest: The weekend of March 16th will see the ringing in of St. Patrick’s Day with all kinds of family-friendly and couple-friendly activities. Beginning at 9am Saturday morning, the annual St. Patrick’s Day parade will be held on Main Street accompanied by countless onlookers. Then, enjoy live music, Irish food, family entertainment and maybe even a craft Irish green beer on the evenings of the 16th and 17th! Let the kids enjoy the safe kids zone with you indulge in the Irish festivities.

What event(s) are you most looking forward to? Don’t forget to book a cozy beach rental for the exciting event ahead of you! We’ll meet you on the beach!

What’s Going In Our Beach Bag

Believe it or not, spring break is quickly approaching! Although it may or may not feel like it with the coldness of January still coming through strong and seemingly endless to-do lists, before you know it, it will be spring and then summer. Can you believe it? How excited are you sunny days filled with beach moments, flip flops, tan lines and everything else that the sun inspires us to do? Chances are, the beach essentials are either on sale or at a low price thanks to low offseason demand, making now the optimal time to stock up on your beach bag must haves:

From fun beach games to mid-day snacks to your essentials, we have compiled a list of the items you’re going to want to have with you at the beach. After all, there isn’t anything much worse than settling on the beach and realizing you forgot sunscreen. Here’s a round-up of what we’ will be throwing in our beach bag:

  1. Beach towel: Talk about a staple beach item; You don’t want a sandy bum or no way to dry off after running out of the ocean. Also consider picking up a fancy beach blanket so you can lounge with your friends or family and really connect.
  2. Straw Bag: Of course, there wouldn’t be much use of all your beach essentials if you didn’t have a way to carry them! Straw bags are stylish, but any canvas tote you have lying around not being used will do the trick. Just select a reusable, eco-friendly bag (aka, not a plastic one).
  3. Book: Lounging around and catching rays while listening to your favorites tunes is relaxing for sure, but sometimes you just want to indulge in a good book. In fact, one of your new year resolutions might include reading more, so take advantage of the opportunity to read that book you’ve heard so much about and have been itching to read for yourself.
  4. Skincare: Don’t forget to protect your skin, especially if you live in a climate that gets high UV rays like South Carolina and Florida. So long as you’re using a SPF of at least 30, you’ll be taking care of your skin while also getting a glowing tan. In fact, many spray on bronzers also have SPF protection. On the same note, make sure to throw in lip balm with SPF and your favorite pair of beach-friendly sunglasses. Many lip balms are only a few dollars and sunglasses don’t have to be crazy expensive to protect your eyes.
  5. Hat: Throw in a hat to protect your head. This can be as fancy as a straw hat embellished with your initials in cursive writing, or it can be as simple as a classic baseball cap with your favorite sports team logo on the front.
  6. Water Bottle: Fill up a large, reusable water bottle with water to get you through the beach day. During long beach days, you’ll want to stay hydrated with an insulated water bottle that will get use beyond the beach season. Added bonus, it cuts down on litter and is less for you to throw away!
  7. Snacks: Lastly, don’t forget to pack a container of snacks for the beach day ahead! Fresh fruit is always a healthy option, especially since it will be in season, hence providing the ample amount of ripeness and sweetness. Nuts and other healthy fats like avocado on rice cakes are another great option as they are filling and will keep you feeling satisfied for hours to come.

After talking about what we’re going to fill our beach bag with, we’re even more excited for the upcoming beach season! How about you? What are you going to be taking to the beach with you?

5 Reasons the Beach is Better in the Winter

It seems to be just about the chilly time of year that we find ourselves longing for the beach. While mid-atlantic states like Virginia can be too cold to take a stroll along the water, in South Carolina, we are blessed with sporadic warm fronts in the winter that make for the opportune beach time. Off-season beach vacations may be the perfect time to book the ultimate getaway you’ve been longing for at a much lower cost than the busy summer season!. The beautiful oceanfront properties that may have been out of budget a few months ago are now calling your name! If you need another excuse to pack your beach bag, we have them:

Minimal Lines: For starters, the lines and crowds are minimal in the winter months. You won’t find a long line at the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out and the beach won’t be overcrowded when you want to go out for an afternoon walk. Say goodbye to crowds and hello to your personalized resort. (Well, almost!)

Glowing Sunsets: Sunsets tend to be more vibrant and bursting with color in the winter. Partly thanks to the clouds that are peppered in the sky, the way the sun sets is phenomenal in the winter time here at the beach. So make sure your iPhone is charged and plan to go out and snap a few iconic sunset pictures this winter.

Mild Climate: In places like Myrtle Beach, the weather is generally tolerable with some exceptions in the event of a sudden snow storm or a hard freeze. Overall, the winter weather on the Carolina shore is mild, and when you opt for a beach walk on a sunny day and layer up, you’ll be perfectly content. After all, if you’ve experienced the Carolina heat in mid-July, you’ll know how humid and stifling it can be at points. Take advantage of the cooler side of the beach this winter.

Discounts: As we touched on earlier, deals are abundant in the winter. With low demand and slow business, places are eager to lure you in. Take advantage of the discounted rates at both resorts and attractions! After all, their offerings are exactly the same in the winter as they are in the summer, just at a lower price. Just be sure to check out local websites and social media pages to ensure they are still open during the off-season.

Local Shops: Last but not least, use this time to shop local. Vast coastal shops and galleries offer unique and local goods that can’t be found elsewhere. Instead of fighting for parking at the bustling mall this winter, opt to find local treasures to either up your interior design game or gift to a friend who loves the beach. Again, you’ll likely be able to experience the joy of shopping without crowds of people around you, so take full advantage!

While we are unmistakably excited for the full swing of the summer season, we embrace the winter at the beach too. There’s something irreplaceable about the warming sunsets and friendly local vibe that emerges in the depths of winter that draws us back. So book your winter vacation and start planning your itinerary.

4 Festive Events in Myrtle Beach this December

Long gone are the days when we had ample natural light well into the evening hours and could take a late afternoon stroll on the beach as the sun was setting. Now, we’re welcoming frosty mornings, and maybe even a light dusting of snow on the beach in the upcoming winter season! Whether you call Myrtle Beach home, or you’re looking to celebrate the holidays a la coastal style, there’s plenty of cheer-packed activities happening around town!

Night of a Thousand Candles

What: Stroll through Brookgreen Gardens to see the luminous glow of 4,500 hand-lit candles and sparkling lights. Optional (but recommended) sip on a hot cup of gourmet hot chocolate or cider as you take in the immaculate scenery and are immersed in Christmas songs.

Where: Brookgreen Garden; 1931 Brookgreen Drive

Murrells Inlet, SC 29576
Date/Time: December 6-22 from 3-10pm

Cost: $25 adult non-member, $20 adult member; $15 child non-member, $12 child member

The Great Christmas Light Show

What: Gather the whole family and drive 1.5 miles as you relish in over 2 million lights carefully adorned and 20 animated displays are waiting to greet you. We encourage you to park your car and visit Santa’s Village where you can warm up with a piping cup of hot cocoa and indulge in a s’more or two, and of course, meet Santa in his winter wonderland.

Where: North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex

Date/Time: Open nightly until the 30th of December from 5:30-9:30pm (Closed on Christmas)

Cost: 1-15 guests: $15 per vehicle

Holiday Carriage Ride

What: Enjoy a complimentary carriage ride in genuine Hallmark style as you soak in the town of Myrtle Beach.

Where: Howard Avenue & Nevers Street at The Market Common

Date: Each Saturday prior to Christmas from 3-6pm

Cost: Free

Fireworks at Broadway at the Beach

What: Ring in the new year at Myrtle Beach as crackling fireworks shoot into the sky over the water. There’s no better way to welcome in a new year than with friendly locals and visitors alike gazing out over the ocean.

Where: Broadway at the Beach

Date/Time: December 31st at 8pm

Cost: Free

What to Do When You’re Not Beaching

For most, a perfect vacation requires three simple components: 
sun, sand, and salt water. Add to the mix fresh culinary entrees, endless outdoor activities, and lively nightlife—and you have 
Myrtle Beach. But what about those families seeking to do something different? Myrtle Beach offers the perfect solution as the beach is only the beginning here. The town is known for its vast shoreline, year-round sunshine, and relaxed lifestyle. In this post, we’ve rounded up our favorite things to do in Myrtle Beach apart from the highly coveted beach days. Read on to get ideas for your upcoming trip:

Ripley’s Aquarium:

Perhaps your family is a house divided, seeking both electrifying adventure and the beach. Take Ripley’s Aquarium for example. True to Ripley’s reputation, the experiences are thrilling. Start your experience by diving, yes diving, with sharks, and if you’re still up for an adventure, get up close and personal with the stingrays. If that’s a little too much for you, hop on a boat tour that brings you just three inches from the vicious predators, but glass separates you from them, so you’re all safe!

Ripley’s Believe it or Not:

If you don’t consider yourself a daredevil, but still like to see unique experiences, then walk over to Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Lose yourself is visual illusions, see an exhibit of the world’s tallest man, and the list goes on and on. Alternatively, if you want to sit down and take a break from walking, hang on tight in Ripley’s 5D movie theatre as you feel every turn and bump from the motion simulator. If your children are looking for adventure, step inside the arcade, which is brimming with action-packed games in 3,500 square feet of virtual entertainment.


For a sincere bird’s eye view of Myrtle Beach, reserve a spot on the SkyWheel, the first observation wheel of its kind in the U.S. At 200 feet above sea level, the SkyWheel soars 20 stories, giving you the optimal perspective of the Grand Strand. All gondolas are climate controlled and open all year long, so make sure to add this to your to-do list in Myrtle Beach.

Family Kingdom:

At Family Kingdom Amusement Park, water slides, roller coasters, and heart-dropping rides are waiting for you. Enjoy bumper cars and racing while simultaneously getting an uninterrupted ocean view. This is a perfect way to get sun, ocean views, and maybe a little damp that’s not just lounging on the beach.


To see things from a totally different perspective, literally, spend an afternoon at WonderWorks where everything is upside down. Experience hands on the power of natural disasters, such as lightning and hurricanes. WonderWorks even offers physical challenge zones like the Wonder Wall that creates 3D images of your body. Or, remember the theory of physical science as you sit in a chair and try to pull yourself up and yet how much easier it is with the aid of pulleys. We’ll let you learn for yourself what the mechanical advantage is in the Pulley Power exhibit and the magic behind how it functions.

Broadway at the Beach:

For some, shopping is the adventure they seek, and Broadway at the Beach offers hundreds of square feet or retail space. Opt for a pair of walking shoes rather than stylish heels as shopping is just the beginning. Renowned restaurants, attractions and exhibits, and theatres are ultimate for nightlife entertainment. Essentially, explore Broadway on the Beach for all your needs — from retail therapy to entertaining your family to grabbing a quick bite to eat before getting back on the beach.

Hollywood Wax Museum:

Last but not least, make sure to check out the Hollywood Wax Museum. If you’re unfamiliar with wax figures, basically, very talented sculptors put together a lifelike version of famous celebrities. It’s almost scary how life-like the wax figures look — artists capture seemingly every facial feature and pinpoint the person’s exact height and weight, making it seem like you’re coming face to face with a real celebrity. Quite an experience not to be missed!

What would a quaint beach town be without year-round activities, festivals, and concerts? Myrtle Beach already has ongoing festivities until the New Year, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself to a winter getaway. While some beach towns are known solely for beach life, others for adventure, and yet others for unique restaurants, Myrtle Beach is recognized for all three. So now that you have a list of things to do in Myrtle Beach and you’re surely itching to experience the town firsthand, book a vacation home with Surfside Realty, then get to planning your outings in Myrtle Beach!

Our Top 3 Favorite Oceanfront Rentals Starting at $825

There’s nothing as rejuvenating for the spirit as spending a week at the beach in an oceanfront rental. From waking up to the sound of the waves on the shore to taking a short stroll down your boardwalk to the sand, there’s so much to love about an oceanfront vacation. Today, we’re sharing our three absolute favorite oceanfront rentals with you:

Atlantic Dawn:

Nestled less than half a mile from the Surfside Pier, Atlantic Dawn captures pure bliss with its professionally maintained pool, a master bedroom with a jaw-dropping open-air balcony, and a private walkway to the beach from the living room door. Need we go on? Why we love Atlantic Dawn: Let’s begin with its welcoming front porch. We believe in hospitality, especially at the beach. Perhaps you are sharing a quiet week with your loved ones or hosting a get-together. The muted yellow color of the beach house pairs perfectly with the off-white wicker rocking chairs, making it the optimal space for serving afternoon hors-d’oeuvres or unwinding with a board game. On the same note, the private pool is perfect for afternoons when you would rather take a quiet time out or host a small pool affair. Step inside Atlantic Dawn and you will be greeted with modern furniture, a chef’s dream kitchen, and an inviting living space perfect for gathering around in the evening. The reclaimed wood dining table rests beautifully in front of modern white kitchen cabinets and granite countertops. The teal and vibrant green walls complement the beachy bedding, coxing you to crawl into bed and drift away into a peaceful sleep after a hot beach day. Although there’s not one aspect of Atlantic Dawn we don’t love, if we absolutely had to pick our favorite feature, it would be the private boardwalk to the beach, and that’s if we weren’t to choose the ocean view from the master bedroom.

The Bellagio:

A vintage-inspired beach retreat at its finest, The Bellagio beckons beachgoers with its charm. The exterior of the beach house is pure perfection. A rustic peach colored house with a bold red front door is completed by an imperial staircase that leads you to an endearing entrance. Peek inside and a passe rotary phone rests peacefully on a living room table which complements a cherrywood dresser adorned with a vase brimming with flowers and an antique lamp. The mood is perfectly set with a wanderlustful painting of Italy that adds to the charm. After an exhausting day in the sun, soak into one of the two modern jacuzzis as you immerse yourself in your favorite book. Dark red and brown embellish this beach house, where a retreat meets beach-themed decor and bedding. In the dusk, take advantage of your private boardwalk to the beach where you can get lost in an evening stroll as you watch the sunset. Once you settle in for the night, treat yourself to the sophisticated wet bar that lies get adjacent to the living room. Create your classic go-to cocktail, or spice things up and make a new creation. In any event, The Bellagio meets classy charm at the ultimate beach retreat.

A Dream:

Although this alluring beach cottage lacks in costs, it certainly strikes an attitude with all its features. Let’s begin with the inviting staircase that leads up to the foundation. As you step foot inside, you are greeted by an airy kitchen with pristine white cabinets that are a nod to the open concept living room, abundant with fiery furniture, a flat-screen TV, and a nautical clock that hangs on the wall, even though you’re welcome to be on island time during your stay. Crystal white plush bedding suit the sand-colored walls and add a contemporary touch on the master bedroom. Two twin beds dressed with yellow quilts featuring royal blue seashells sit underneath a window with matching blue shutters where an artificial fisherman’s net rests atop. Just a short tenth of a mile from the Surfside Pier, A Dream is in the prime location to mozy down to the beach shack and order an ice cream cone. See how quickly you can eat it before it melts in the Carolina summer heat! With ceiling fans and TV’s in each room, plus a private pool – perfect for a morning swim, and a master bath with a whirlpool garden tub, A Dream brings a new meaning to modern beach living at an affordable price.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your beach vacation with a modern delight or a vintage-inspired dwelling, oceanfront living is the perfect partner to a beach house. From swanky beach decor to relaxing amenities, oceanfront rentals have captured our hearts. So round up your beach partner(s) and plan your upcoming vacation with Surfside Realty.