Contact the Staff at Surfside Realty


E.J. Servant, III CEO/Broker-In-Charge Ext.
Tyler Servant Chief Operating Officer/REALTOR Email 843-839-8929
Elizabeth Howland Director of Association Management Email Ext. 7194
Travis Worthy Director of Business Development/Guest Services Email 843-839-7655
Kimberley Gomez Director of Rental Operations & Owner Services Email 843-839-7189
Sharolyn Jewell Director of Pool and Grounds Email 843-839-8908
Miles Servant Director of Commercial Development/REALTOR Ext.

Vacation Rentals

Amanda Hopkins Executive Assistant/Realtor Email 843-839-7185
Courtney Baker Guest Services Email 843-238-3435
Darlene Ward Housekeeping Coordinator Email 843-839-7180
Keisha Barnes Housekeeping Coordinator Email 843-238-3435 Ext. 6109
Darla Cobbett Maintenance Coordinator Email 843-839-8925
Raymond Nugent Maintenance Coordinator Email 843-238-3435
Staci Moreland Maintenance Coordinator Email 843-238-3435
Lisa Hoefel Vacation Manager Email 843-238-3435
Kathy DeGennaro Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Helene Sims-Aldrich Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Liz Chase Annual Rentals/Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Bonnie Warren-Rezendes Vacation Planner/Monthly Rentals Email 843-238-3435
Candy Vinovich Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Camille Melchiorre Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435

Real Estate Sales

Patti Embry REALTOR Email 843-450-7743
Martha Mountan Sales Coordinator Email Ext. 6123
Elizabeth Wilhelm-Parsons REALTOR Email 843-452-8686
Jenn Cribb REALTOR/Broker Associate Email 843-267-0225
Nancy McCabe REALTOR/Broker Associate Email 843-283-4540
Tyler Servant Chief Operating Officer/REALTOR Email 843-222-6656
Phil Murdock REALTOR/Broker Associate Email 843-655-4600
Miles Servant Director of Commercial Development/REALTOR Email 843-222-2228
Marsha Murdock REALTOR Email 803-517-3723
Cody Sluder REALTOR Email 843-467-8734
Renata Morrissette REALTOR Email 413-896-0580

Association Management

Debbie Adams Community Assistant Email 843-238-4900
Nancy Constable Assistant Community Manager Email Ext. 8912
Pam Furlong Administrative Assistant Email Ext. 6131
Nancy Gardner Assistant Community Manager Email Ext. 8906
Donna Logan Community Manager Email Ext. 8911
Susan Pendergrass Community Manager Email Ext. 8909
Dena D'Alessandro Administrative Assistant Email 843-238-4900


Patsy Brindisi Director of Accounting Email Ext.
Athena DeFreest HOA Accounts Payable Email 843-238-4900 Ext. 8001
Kristen Callahan Assistant to Rentals Accounting Email 843-238-4900 Ext. 6132
Turner Drew HOA Financial Specialist Email 843-238-4900
Casey Giangregorio Rentals Accounting Manager Email 843-839-8903

Pools & Landscaping

Terry Shelley Administrative Assistant Email Ext. 7665