Owner Services


We understand that choosing the right company to manage your vacation home can be a stressful and rather difficult task. Here at Surfside Realty we understand the importance of taking care of your home but also capitalizing on your investment. For these reasons, we offer the most extensive and innovative services you're going to find anywhere on the Grand Strand. 

If you are familiar with the vacation rental industry you know housekeeping is by far one of the biggest challenges that management companies face.  As an owner, guest satisfaction when a family walks into your home for the first time is important to you. No one understands this more than Surfside Realty, which is why we work with the best in the business to offer extensive housekeeping services for all of our vacation homes. Not only that, we also offer a variety of linen packages for guests as well to make preparing for their vacation even easier.

The cherry on top for any guests coming to their vacation home is arriving to a sparkling pool and freshly manicured lawn. Maintaining the curb appeal of your vacation home could increase your booking percentages and even appeal to future guests passing by. We are pleased to offer these services for our owners.

Although we wish every time a guest walks into their vacation home everything is working perfectly, we know this cannot always be the case. Unfortunately every now and then, appliances get broken and utilities need replacing. No one makes handling these issues easier than the maintenance department here at Surfside Realty.

Our maintenance staff has over 40 years of experience combined and their experience is absolutely invaluable for our owners. Our owners depend on us not only to inform them of any issues, but to handle them in a way that is both timely and cost-efficient. This is why we have a mandatory system in place designed to give our owners peace of mind. This system ensures all vacation homes are examined by our team of skilled inspectors at the completion of every guest reservation. Not only that, our 24-hour after-hours calling service gives all of our owners and guests peace of mind as well.

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We've had over 50 years of experience to design and perfect a marketing system that works for all of our owners. Our use of online marketing, print media, and good old-fashioned person-to-person conversation are what keeps our owner's happy with their returns.  At the heart of that marketing strategy is our impeccable staff. You truly will not find a staff that is friendlier and more knowledgeable than the staff at Surfside Realty. Feel free to give us a call to see why Surfside Realty is the perfect choice for you! 1-800-833-8231