The Ultimate Beach Bag

Regardless of how many times you go to the beach, there’s always a little fear of forgetting something! No matter how big or small – sunscreen or music, there’s bound to be something you wanted to bring that didn’t make it in your tote. Read on for the ultimate beach bag essentials, and bookmark it, so you don’t forget anything! 

A hat: The UV index in Myrtle Beach can easily reach 10 in the summer, so pack a hat for the especially bright afternoon rays. 

Cooler: Fill a small, portable cooler with your favorite drinks and snacks for your midday cravings and hunger! 

Sunglasses: Not much is worse than getting to the beach only to realize you left your sunnies behind. Bracing the harsh sunlight with your bare eyes is not only strenuous on your eyes but it’s a right pain! 

Swimsuit cover: Most likely, you’ll be wearing this on the way to the beach, but in case you aren’t, don’t forget to pack one in your bag. If swimsuit covers aren’t your style, just bring along a t-shirt and shorts. Not only do they double as casual wear, but they are perfect for giving your shoulders a break from the intense sun. 

Waterproof Speakers: What would a beach day be without your favorite songs? Relax in your beach chair and drift off into an afternoon nap as you soak in mellow tunes. 

Sunscreen and Tanning Oil: While we are all for tan lines, the southern sun can toast your skin in a matter of minutes! Depending on your tolerance level, either pack a SPF or a tanning oil with a light SPF to shield some sun. One of the worst feelings is being sunburnt and not being about to enjoy the next day on the beach!

Beach chairs and Umbrellas: If you didn’t opt to rent beach chairs and umbrellas with your rentals, make sure you bring your own to the beach! You’re going to walk to lounge around and have a relaxing day! 

Beach towels/Beach Blanket: If you’re coming with a group of friends or family, beach blankets are the way to go and they provide the perfect way to mingle together and enjoy lunch in the ocean breeze. And of course, you’re going to be reaching for a towel to dry off with as soon as you come out of the ocean! 

Portable phone charger: While you may not be on your phone too much, you’re going to want to make sure your phone is sufficiently charged for photo ops! 

Book: Does anything go better together than a book and the beach? Few things! Indulge in your favorite beach read or venture into the new releases and get lost! 

Reusable Water Bottle: It’s so easy to get dehydrated in the summer sun, especially when you’re taking beach walks or tanning. Reusable water bottles are the perfect way to keep water cool and help you get your daily water intake! 

Bookmark this post so you can make sure you’re not leaving anything behind when you set off to enjoy a beach day! What are your beach bag staples? 

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