The Best New Summer Beach Reads

Tis the season for reading a delicious book on the beach! We love seeing the hype of new releases for ourselves all while satisfying the craving to indulge in a great storyline. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of lounging in the sun, catching rays, and getting lost in one of your favorite books. So, let’s chat about the best summer beach reads that are a) gripping and b) hot off the press. 

Book #1: Evvie Drake Starts Over: This brand new release stars Evvie as the main character – a window stricken by grief who stays recluse in her house in Maine. Meanwhile, Evvie’s friend Andy introduces her to his friend Dean. Dean is also in a hard place in life. Once a major-league baseball pitcher, Dean recently lost his knack for the game. A bond soon forms between Evvie and Dean, but they cannot move on together without tackling the past. This whimsical summer book will be a page-turner from start to end. 

Book #2: The Golden Hour: Say hello to espionage in the Bahamas. The Golden Hour brings a historical setting to the table with ample plot twists. This book relives World War II where Lulu Randolph is investigating the Duke and Duchess of Windsor for a New York society magazine. Discoveries are made, treason is roaming in the background, and tropical paradise is present in this book coming out on July 22nd. It’s a book unlike any other that we cannot wait to get our hands-on.

Book #3: Park Avenue Summer: Calling all feminists! This timeless read takes place in New York City in the 1960’s when the protagonist becomes the first female editor in chief for Cosmopolitan. If you are a fan of The Devil Wears Prada (honestly, who isn’t?), you’ll want to dive into this powerful book as soon as possible. 

Book #4: Where the Crawdads Sing: If you haven’t read this book yet, you’ve surely heard all the buzz about it. Featured by Reese Witherspoon in her Hello Sunshine Bookclub, Where the Crawdads Sing is the ultimate summer mystery book. The main protagonist, Kya, has lived alone in the marsh for years, hence her nickname “The Marsh Girl.” When two men come to town, Kya realized she craves more than solace – she wants to find true love. But when a murder unravels, Kya is the main suspect, prolonging her quest for romance. This coming-of-age story is the perfect page-turner. 

Book #5: City of Girls: Have you watched or read Eat, Pray, Love? If so, you know what a timeless classic it is! Behold City of Girls, written by the same author, Elizabeth Gilbert. The setting is 1940’s New York theatre and the protagonist is eccentric Vivian Morris who is kicked out of Vassar College and moves to NYC to live with her aunt. Here, she befriends showgirls, actors, and writers living carefree lives. Vivian gets caught up in the culture while trying to find her way. You too will get lost in this juicy coming-of-age plot. 

Book #6: The East End: Take a beach trip to The Hamptons this summer! Well, at least in this book. Corey Halpern witnesses the death of a billionaire’s lover. What action will Corey taken when he watches the billionaire try to cover his tracks? Watch the ultimate truth of privilege, class, and money unravel itself in this gripping book. 

What new releases are you most eager to get your hands on this summer? Share a picture on Instagram or Facebook of you reading a book on the beach this summer for a chance to be featured on our page. Just tag us or use the hashtag #SurfsideRealtyxSummerBeachReads. We cannot wait to see what you’re reading!

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