Healthy Eating Hacks That Actually Work

According to polls across the internet, the top two New Year Resolutions set by Americans are: eat healthier and get more exercise. While we just published a blog post on the later, this post sheds light on how you can eat healthier by making small changes. It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s body is significantly different, so try out different options and see what works best for you. And know that just because a food is healthy, (i.e. broccoli) doesn’t mean it won’t cause bloating and digestion issues in certain individuals. So, get to know your body and find a healthy lifestyle tailored to you!

Healthy Alternatives: One of the biggest problems with eating healthy in the winter is that we tend to crave comfort food. Plus, during the holidays, you’re surrounded by tasty pies, mac and cheese, and sugary treats. While you should definitely treat yourself during the holidays, you should do so in moderation and balance it out with healthier options. A healthy alternative to a blueberry pie is a homemade tart made with almond flour, fresh blueberries boiled and mashed on the stove, and topped with light reddi whip. Instead of loading a green bean casserole with sodium-induced soup and crispy onions, keep it wholesome by using fresh green beans, homemade mushroom gravy, and top it with wholegrain bread crumbs. The bottom line is, you shouldn’t be depriving yourself of your favorite dishes, you should just find little ways to make those dishes healthier. 

Wholesome Snacks: Snacking between meals isn’t a bad thing so long as the snack is healthy (i.e. not Lays potato chips). Make a veggie platter with hummus, enjoy yogurt, have an apple with peanut butter, roasted chickpeas, or protein bar (with no added sugar). If you’re unsure if a packaged snack is healthy or not, look at the ingredients label – the fewer and more wholesome ingredients the better! Items that have 0g of trans fat and low saturated fat are idea. Plus, fiber rich foods lower the total carbohydrates. For example, if a granola bar has 26g of carbohydrates and 6g of fiber, the net carbohydrates are 20g. 

Find Your Favorites: Train your mind to realize that eating healthy doesn’t mean eating bland, unsatisfying food. Let it be known that you don’t have to eat a salad everyday to be healthy. There are so many delicious, healthy alternatives on the market these days! If you’re ever unsure what ingredients to pick, browse the organic or natural isle at your local grocery store. Check out delicious food blogs to get a list of tasty and wholesome recipes. (Psst, they also feature incredible desserts and snacks). This particular blog features seasonal, healthy dishes tailored to any diet, ingredient, or lifestyle. Your favorite meals such as pizza, pasta, and tacos can all be customized to fit a nutritious lifestyle. 

Just Don’t Buy It: You’ve likely heard the saying before, but it’s so true: If it isn’t in your pantry, you won’t be tempted to eat it. You may be thinking, “Yes, but what if I’m sitting on the couch and craving chocolate?” Surprisingly, this will happen less than you think. Trust us. Furthermore, how many times have you found yourself looking in the pantry and randomly come across a candy bar you forgot all about? Now that you’ve seen it, you’re going to be more tempted to eat it at some point soon. Unfortunately, if it wasn’t in the pantry in the first place, you wouldn’t have seen it and you wouldn’t feel the temptation to indulge. The bottom line is, just don’t buy it at the grocery store in the first place! With that said, you should treat yourself in moderation. Perhaps set a goal for yourself such as: no snacking after dinner, no chocolate until Thursday, or only have a glass or two of wine on the weekends. 

Distract Yourself: Of course, if you’re legitimately hungry, you should eat. However, sometimes mindless snacking is a horrible downfall. If you find yourself doing this get up and do something different! Put a load of laundry in the washing machine, wash the dishes in the sink, take your dog out for a walk, call your friend, or straighten up the living room. It’s amazing how interrupting your thought pattern can change your mindset. You’ll be proud of yourself for surpassing those added calories you didn’t technically need. 

What goals will you be setting for yourself in terms of eating healthier? Whether its controlling the portion size, cutting back on alcohol, or choosing healthier snacks, commit to it and stick to it! 

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