Best Rentals for Large Group Vacations

Group vacations are always exciting, but sometimes you just don’t want to share your beach home away from home with another family. When you’re planning a large group vacation, make sure everyone has the privacy and space they need by booking side by side homes! These vacation rentals let multiple families enjoy the best parts of their vacation together without stepping on each other’s toes:

Stingray Station and Shark Shak

This second-row duplex is the perfect party spot for large groups wanting a lot of space and room to spread out. Shark Shak is a 6 bedroom rental with room for up to 20 people, a private pool, poolside bar and more. Stingray Station next door offers room for up to 18 people, it’s own private pool and a wet bar.

Blue Lagoon A and Blue Lagoon B

Looking for a little more space between you and the other families you’re vacationing with? Blue Lagoon A and B are two separate vacation homes that share the same private pool area and offer stunning ocean views. Blue Lagoon A sleeps up to 14 people and Blue Lagoon B sleeps up to 16 people.

G Ocean Top and G Ocean Breeze

This two-story rental duplex is divided between the top and bottom floors so two families can share their vacation while still enjoying privacy. Both families can enjoy beautiful ocean views, easy beach access and room for up to 6 people on each level.

Beach View North and Beach View South

These two duplex rentals offer room for 18 people on each side, their own private pools, and outdoor grills! Enjoy the day by the poolside and grilling up dinner together before retiring to your family’s own separate sides of this second-row rental.

No matter if you’re looking for beach rentals for a large group vacation or a romantic couples getaway, book your stay at Surfside Realty!

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