6 Items Not To Forget When Packing or Vacation

It’s finally here. The week you’ve been waiting for for months. You’ve got your swimsuit ready and flip flops on. But before you leave your home for a week at Myrtle Beach, make sure you’ve got everything you’ll want during your sun-filled ocean vacation. Double check that you have all of these often-forgottenĀ items when you’re packing for your vacation:

A sweatshirt

You’re planning to spend all week soaking up the sun, but what about those cooler evenings? Plan ahead for nights out on your porch or sunburned evenings in the air conditioning. When you’re packing, throw in a comfy sweatshirt.


While we’re all constantly attached to our phones and laptops, we won’t always remember their chargers when leaving for vacation. Before you leave, go through your home and make sure all your important portable electronic chargers are packed and ready for the beach.


Don’t let forget to protect your eyes while you’re on vacation! Often, vacationers leave home early in the morning or in cloudy weather and leave their sunglasses behind in other vehicles or on the kitchen counter. Don’t waste your money buying another pair at the beach while you’re favorite shades get left behind!


While you probably remembered to pack entertainment for the flight or road trip to Myrtle Beach, did you remember books, movies and games for the beach or poolside? Make sure every family member has something fun to do when you arrive at your vacation rental.


This is one item no one thinks about until they need it! Whether it’s for cutting the tags off new pool toys or opening something in the kitchen, you’ll most likely need a pair of scissors at some point during your vacation. While your rental may or may not offer a pair, pack your own (in your checked bag) just in case!

Beach towels

Believe it or not, this essential beach item is easy to forget in the pre-vacation packing chaos. Make sure every family member has at least one beach towel ready for use before arrival in Myrtle Beach. You might be able to buy them there, but you can save your money by remembering to pack the ones you already own!

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