5 Reasons the Beach is Better in the Winter

It seems to be just about the chilly time of year that we find ourselves longing for the beach. While mid-atlantic states like Virginia can be too cold to take a stroll along the water, in South Carolina, we are blessed with sporadic warm fronts in the winter that make for the opportune beach time. Off-season beach vacations may be the perfect time to book the ultimate getaway you’ve been longing for at a much lower cost than the busy summer season!. The beautiful oceanfront properties that may have been out of budget a few months ago are now calling your name! If you need another excuse to pack your beach bag, we have them:

Minimal Lines: For starters, the lines and crowds are minimal in the winter months. You won’t find a long line at the restaurant you’ve been wanting to try out and the beach won’t be overcrowded when you want to go out for an afternoon walk. Say goodbye to crowds and hello to your personalized resort. (Well, almost!)

Glowing Sunsets: Sunsets tend to be more vibrant and bursting with color in the winter. Partly thanks to the clouds that are peppered in the sky, the way the sun sets is phenomenal in the winter time here at the beach. So make sure your iPhone is charged and plan to go out and snap a few iconic sunset pictures this winter.

Mild Climate: In places like Myrtle Beach, the weather is generally tolerable with some exceptions in the event of a sudden snow storm or a hard freeze. Overall, the winter weather on the Carolina shore is mild, and when you opt for a beach https://holisticdental.org/xanax-treat-anxiety/ walk on a sunny day and layer up, you’ll be perfectly content. After all, if you’ve experienced the Carolina heat in mid-July, you’ll know how humid and stifling it can be at points. Take advantage of the cooler side of the beach this winter.

Discounts: As we touched on earlier, deals are abundant in the winter. With low demand and slow business, places are eager to lure you in. Take advantage of the discounted rates at both resorts and attractions! After all, their offerings are exactly the same in the winter as they are in the summer, just at a lower price. Just be sure to check out local websites and social media pages to ensure they are still open during the off-season.

Local Shops: Last but not least, use this time to shop local. Vast coastal shops and galleries offer unique and local goods that can’t be found elsewhere. Instead of fighting for parking at the bustling mall this winter, opt to find local treasures to either up your interior design game or gift to a friend who loves the beach. Again, you’ll likely be able to experience the joy of shopping without crowds of people around you, so take full advantage!

While we are unmistakably excited for the full swing of the summer season, we embrace the winter at the beach too. There’s something irreplaceable about the warming sunsets and friendly local vibe that emerges in the depths of winter that draws us back. So book your winter vacation and start planning your itinerary.

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