10 Easy Southern Grilling Ideas

If you’ve booked a vacation rental with a grill, congratulations! You’re going to absolutely love soaking up a few extra hours of sunlight while smelling the salt air and hearing the waves crash in the distance. So, what simple southern dishes can you make? Read on for a list of our favorite, easy grilling ideas. 

Corn on the Cob: There are few less classic southern side dishes than corn on the cob! This simple, delicious side item will pair perfectly with your protein of choice. One of our favorite ways to enjoy it is with sea salt and rosemary. And those charred grill marks elevate this simplistic item to a new level. 

Veggie Skewers: Pop your favorite vegetables on a skewer with your protein of choice and roast on the grill for one of the easiest, yet most classic summertime entrees. Choose from bell peppers, onions, zucchini, and tomatoes to create the perfect in-season veggie skewers. From start to finish, this should only take roughly 15 minutes! 

Lemon-Pepper Chicken: Before you head off to the beach for the day, prepare your marinade so your meat will be tender and optimal for grilling in the evening. Squeeze fresh lemon juice over the chicken and sprinkle in salt and pepper for a main course that will light up your taste buds. For a healthy addition, sprinkle a healthy amount of freshly chopped kale underneath the chicken and top with slivered almonds for a tasty salad. 


Shrimp: Name a more classic seaside southern appetizer. We’ll wait! Pair grilled shrimp with a simple garlic-butter sauce and you’ll be golden. This simple snack is perfect for munching on while enjoying time poolside or making fresh cocktails. 

Pork Chops: Grilled pork chops are another southern staple that you can’t go wrong with! For the perfect summer twist, pair your grilled pork chops with balsamic grilled peaches! The sweet and savory pairing will hit the spot! 

Artichokes: Artichokes are such a versatile vegetable. Grill fresh artichokes to enhance the taste and create a melt-in-your-mouth side dish. On the other hand, you can easily pop a grilled artichoke in a blender or food processor with steamed spinach, sour cream, dill, a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon for the ultimate crowd-pleaser. Show up with fresh artichoke dip and tortilla chips are you’ll certainly be the life of the party. 

Fish: Yet another southern classic, you cannot go wrong with grilled fish. Choose from salmon or swordfish marinated with smoked paprika, sea salt, and a fresh squeeze of lime juice. To add an extra zing to this protein, top with a fresh corn salsa. For an easy fix, mix canned corn, diced avocado, fresh tomatoes, and chopped red onion and add atop the fish. 

Roasted Potato Salad: Choose fresh, petite red or white potatoes from the grocery store and prepare them by simply cutting a small slit in each one. After the potatoes are grilled to tender perfection, mix in a bowl with fresh dill, yogurt, and minced garlic. The zesty and tangy flavors make for the ultimate summer side dish. 


Tacos: The versatility of taco fillings make this entree optimal for any diet or taste preference. Roasted poblanos, corn, tomatoes, and your protein of choice. And don’t forget to give the tortillas a nice char, too! Top with fresh guacamole, salsa, and cilantro. 

Peaches: As suggested earlier as a pairing for pork chops, grilled peaches make a delightful sweet treat. Grilled peaches are perfect on their own drizzled with honey and sprinkled with cinnamon, or scrumptious with a few scoops of ice cream. This simple dessert is sure to please everyone! Check out the source for an awesome recipe plus pro tips on how to grill peaches to perfection. 

What are your favorite side dishes or entrees to grill in the summer? Are there any tried and true tricks or unique sauces you’ve created that you want to share with us? If you haven’t already, take a look at our vacation rentals that include a grill so you can make the most of your summer vacation. 

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