10 Things to Do on the Beach

Sure the beach elicits tranquility and is the ultimate way to relax, but how about those moments when we find ourselves longing to move our bodies or interact with our friends and family? We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 favorite things to do on the beach to spark some ideas for you. Trust us, you won’t be bored this summer! 

  1. Talk a walk: As simplistic as this may seem, a beach walk is one of the best ways to initiate a conversation with a family member you haven’t seen in awhile or dive into a heated debate on who will die next in Game of Thrones with your bestie. On the other hand, if you’re having a solo beach day, a walk down the shoreline is similar to a mind refresher – it clears your thoughts and evens opens the door to striking up a conversation with other beachgoers. Have you ever just stood in front of the ocean as the waves roll over your feet? Talk about the epitome of peace. 
  1. Watch a Sunset/Sunrise: Depending on whether you’re a morning or evening person (or both!), make a note of when the sun rises or sets and be there to witness it! We’re predominately evening folks, so we’ve seen countless cotton candy sunsets. With that said, the sunrises we’ve woken up for (coffee in hand, of course!) have lit up the sky with breathtaking colors. So, try and work in both a sunrise and sunset. Who says you can’t nap on the beach to make up for your early morning sunrise?!
  1. Have a Picnic: Although a picnic is something you would typically think to do at the park on a spring afternoon, who’s to say you can’t gather your friends and family around for a lunch packed with fresh fruit and vegetables? Tip: Make things easier by requesting each person bring their favorite dish! 
  1. Throw a Frisbee: Classic! Who doesn’t enjoy a fun and slightly competitive game of frisbee? We love the idea of playing frisbee since it’s appropriate for all ages and rather easy to reinforce your throwing skills at the drop of a hat. 
  1. Bocce Ball: Perhaps you’ve seen people playing this popular game at the beach, but you didn’t know what it was called! First, a target is thrown on the sand and then each player throws their bocce ball towards the target. Whichever player gets their ball closest to the target wins one point. This continues until you reach a set number or get hungry for a snack! 
  1. Fly a Kite: Whether you’re coming to the beach with children or simply looking for something different to do with your friends, flying a kite is a great way to revive childhood memories. Plus, it’s surprisingly therapeutic for the mind too! You’ll be surprised at how many laughs you get out of the kite nosediving in the sand, or laughing at your cousin running down the beach whilst trying to get the kite in the air!
  1. Beach volleyball: While some beaches have volleyball nets and others don’t, they aren’t required to enjoy a game of beach volleyball! So, gather your friends or family around for sporty day filled with competition and great laughs. Few things are better than being able to boast about being the best volleyball player! 
  1. Read a Book: What would a beach day be without a good book? Not only is it relaxing, but it’s a great way to lay on both your back and stomach and get an even, glowing tan. So, check out one of the latest top reads, or bring your favorite classic to the beach this summer. 
  1. Ride a Bike: Talk about a great way to get in a killer workout! A bike ride on the beach is not only a perfect way to exercise, but to get a great tan, and get in a calm state of mind. Kill three birds with one stone, and rent a bike this summer! Just find a desolate area of the beach with few people so both you and others are able to enjoy your time. In fact, by going to a lesser-known part of the beach, you just might discover a new favorite spot. 
  1. Collect Seashells: One of the best things to do is to collect shells from each beach you visit. Every beach offers a different array of shells and beach glass, so take a wander on the beach and see what you find. You might be surprised at what you find! 

What are your favorite things to do on the beach? We’re all ears for new suggestions! Let us know what you’re most looking forward to doing on the beach this summer. Will you be lounging back and reading a book, or will you gather friends for a game of beach volleyball to show off your competitive edge? 

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