10 Things to Do After Sunset

Now that we’ve established what to do while you’re on the beach, let’s talk about what to do when the sun goes down. Both Myrtle Beach and your vacation home are full of opportunities waiting to be taken! Read on for our top 10 suggestions of what to do after a beach day: 

  1. Head Out to Dinner: Myrtle Beach is crawling with an abundance of restaurants, so take advantage while you can. From popular seafood dishes to classic southern entrees to vegetarian-friendly plates, you’re sure to find a handful of restaurants that appeal to everyone in your crowd. Plus, most of the restaurants are casual and oceanfront, meaning you can throw on a light summer dress or t-shirt over your swimwear and dine! 
  1. Make Dinner: On the other hand, try your hand at cooking or grilling your favorite meal. All of our rentals have a kitchen and many are equipped with a grill, so, embrace your cooking talent and whip up a meal for your friends or family! Classic southern, summer favorites include grilled corn on the cob, freshly grilled seafood, casseroles, and freshly steamed vegetables. While you’re cooking, snack on a juicy watermelon or enjoy a soothing popsicle! 
  1. Relax Poolside: When you find the temperature at the beach a bit too hot during the peak summer season, head back to your vacation rental and enjoy some AC before relaxing poolside. The bonus to having a rental with a pool (besides the obvious, of course) is that you can escape the heat at any time by simply ducking inside for a bit before returning to the luscious pool. Talk about the best of both worlds! 
  1. Make Your Own Cocktail: Cocktails don’t have to be fancy in order to be good. In fact, one of our favorite drinks to make is fresh margaritas. The taste of freshly squeezed lime juice combined with agave and touch of tequila is the ultimate beach drink if you ask us! If you’re craving a pina colada, that’s an easy fix too! Pick up a frozen pina colada mix at the grocery store and combine it with your favorite rum for an easy sipper to enjoy on the porch as you watch the waves roll in. 
  1. Enjoy the Boardwalk: Whether you want to talk a romantic walk along the boardwalk, play a game at the arcade, or take a ride on the Ferris Wheel, Myrtle Beach’s boardwalk won’t disappoint! Perfect for either a date night or a fun night out with friends or family, the boardwalk is one of the best ways to jazz up the night. 
  1. Movie Night In: While you can certainly have a movie night anywhere, there’s something about watching a classic movie in your beach house that you just can’t top! Gather everyone around and pass around a big bowl of popcorn! Chances are you’re exhausted from the summer sun, so listen to your body and relax. 
  1. Play a Card Game: Ditch the phones and connect the old school way. Bring a deck of cards and play a round of war, crazy eights, or blackjack if you dare! Card games are the perfect way to connect with the people around you while giving your eyes a break from screen time! Plus, don’t you remember how much fun you used to have playing card games with friends?!
  1. Bake a Dessert: Baking can be therapeutic in the sense that it allows you to concentrate on one task while forgetting about other troubles or thoughts. That is if you aren’t taking on a demanding recipe and losing count of how many cups of flour you added to the bowl while trying to find the vanilla extract! Pick an easy to follow recipe, such as cookies or brownies. In fact, if all else fails and the day gets away, pick up the premade dough from the store and throw the cookies in the oven. They’re nearly unbeatable! 
  1. Talk a Walk: Enjoy a moonlight stroll down the beach or even down the street to embrace the refreshing summer breeze and salt air. An easy nighttime stroll is one of the best ways to have a memorable conversation and connect! 
  1. Go See a Movie: Enjoy an evening relaxing at the theatre while watching the hottest release! There’s a Cinemark right on Coastal Grand Strand Circle, so you aren’t far away from Myrtle Beach’s most popular theatre. After the movie, enjoy an ice cream cone or frozen yogurt from one of the many popular places on the boardwalk. 

What do you like to do in Myrtle Beach when the sun goes down? Do you think you’ll be taking any of these suggestions this summer? We can’t wait to see what you make of your evening at the beach! 

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