To order Golf Carts please call us at 1-800-833-8231
or Click Here to order online
4 Seat Basic
$275 p/week

4 Seat Deluxe LSV
$350 p/week

*Golf Carts may be a different color and name brand upon delivery. Golf Carts are subject to availability, please call for more information or to reserve

While all rental policies are outlined in the rental agreement, the following are important policies to consider before reserving a golf cart:

Only guests that are listed on the Rental Agreement may operate the cart. Additionally, in the State of South Carolina, drivers must be at least 16 years old and have a valid driver’s license. You may operate a golf cart on “secondary” roads within two miles of your rental home during daylight hours from dawn to dusk. You may legally cross any “primary” roads encountered while operating the golf cart within two miles of your rental home. Safety is always paramount. Please understand that a golf cart is not equipped with automotive safety features so please use extra caution when traveling on busy roads.