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Equipment Price Count
Convenience Items
Gas Grill (360 square inches, propane included) x $105.00
Charcoal Grill (22", charcoal not included) x $50.00
Roll-a-way Bed (Twin Size) x $50.00

Baby Items: (Crib linens NOT included)
Standard Crib (53" x 30") x $100.00
Compact Crib (40" x 26") x $80.00
Highchair (plastic) x $35.00
Baby Gate (wooden, 24" tall, 26" to 42" wide) x $20.00
Pack 'n Play (Collapsible Playpen) x $60.00

Beach Packages
Sun Lover's Package (2 Beach Chairs/1 Umbrella) x $65.00
Deluxe Sun Lover's Package (4 Chairs/1 Umbrella) x $85.00
Beach Lover's Package (2 Chairs/1 Umbrella/2 Boogie Boards) x $100.00

Bike & Surf for 2 (2 Bikes, 2 Beach Chairs, 1 Umbrella) x $135.00
Bike & Surf for 4 (4 Bikes, 4 Beach Chairs, 1 Umbrella) x $225.00
Adult Bike x $50
Adult Bike with Baby Seat x $60
Adult Bike with Kiddie Cart x $70

Sheets & Towels
Twin Sheet Set w/Pillowcases x $10.00
Full Sheet Set w/2 Pillowcases x $11.00
Queen Sheet Set w/2 Pillowcases x $12.00
King Sheet Set w/2 Pillowcases x $12.00
Bath Set (2 bath, 2 wash, 1 mat) x $12.00
Bath Math Set (2 mats) x $5.00
Kitchen Set (6) x $7.00

Sports and Beach Items
Boogie Board x $30.00
Beach Umbrella (Canvas, 8') x $45.00
Aluminum Beach Chair (Adjustable High Back Low Sitting Chair) x $20.00

Golf Carts
4 Seat Basic x $275.00
4 Seat LSV Deluxe x $350.00

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By submitting this request, you are authorizing Surfside Realty to reserve rental equipment on your behalf. You will be billed for the rental equipment and items must be paid for prior to your arrival. Submitting this form does not confirm the availability of your rented equipment but you will be notified prior to your arrival if your order is unable to be fulfilled. Equipment will be delivered to your rental property on your arrival date and will be picked up and inspected on your day of departure. Rates are based on one week rentals and taxes are not included.