What’s Going In Our Beach Bag

Believe it or not, spring break is quickly approaching! Although it may or may not feel like it with the coldness of January still coming through strong and seemingly endless to-do lists, before you know it, it will be spring and then summer. Can you believe it? How excited are you sunny days filled with beach moments, flip flops, tan lines and everything else that the sun inspires us to do? Chances are, the beach essentials are either on sale or at a low price thanks to low offseason demand, making now the optimal time to stock up on your beach bag must haves:

From fun beach games to mid-day snacks to your essentials, we have compiled a list of the items you’re going to want to have with you at the beach. After all, there isn’t anything much worse than settling on the beach and realizing you forgot sunscreen. Here’s a round-up of what we’ will be throwing in our beach bag:

  1. Beach towel: Talk about a staple beach item; You don’t want a sandy bum or no way to dry off after running out of the ocean. Also consider picking up a fancy beach blanket so you can lounge with your friends or family and really connect.
  2. Straw Bag: Of course, there wouldn’t be much use of all your beach essentials if you didn’t have a way to carry them! Straw bags are stylish, but any canvas tote you have lying around not being used will do the trick. Just select a reusable, eco-friendly bag (aka, not a plastic one).
  3. Book: Lounging around and catching rays while listening to your favorites tunes is relaxing for sure, but sometimes you just want to indulge in a good book. In fact, one of your new year resolutions might include reading more, so take advantage of the opportunity to read that book you’ve heard so much about and have been itching to read for yourself.
  4. Skincare: Don’t forget to protect your skin, especially if you live in a climate that gets high UV rays like South Carolina and Florida. So long as you’re using a SPF of at least 30, you’ll be taking care of your skin while also getting a glowing tan. In fact, many spray on bronzers also have SPF protection. On the same note, make sure to throw in lip balm with SPF and your favorite pair of beach-friendly sunglasses. Many lip balms are only a few dollars and sunglasses don’t have to be crazy expensive to protect your eyes.
  5. Hat: Throw in a hat to protect your head. This can be as fancy as a straw hat embellished with your initials in cursive writing, or it can be as simple as a classic baseball cap with your favorite sports team logo on the front.
  6. Water Bottle: Fill up a large, reusable water bottle with water to get you through the beach day. During long beach days, you’ll want to stay hydrated with an insulated water bottle that will get use beyond the beach season. Added bonus, it cuts down on litter and is less for you to throw away!
  7. Snacks: Lastly, don’t forget to pack a container of snacks for the beach day ahead! Fresh fruit is always a healthy option, especially since it will be in season, hence providing the ample amount of ripeness and sweetness. Nuts and other healthy fats like avocado on rice cakes are another great option as they are filling and will keep you feeling satisfied for hours to come.

After talking about what we’re going to fill our beach bag with, we’re even more excited for the upcoming beach season! How about you? What are you going to be taking to the beach with you?

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