How to Unplug and Enjoy That Late Season Vacation

There are many families that prefer taking a late season vacation when there are less crowds, less traffic and temperatures have gone from scorching to pleasantly warm. But when it comes to vacations you and your family need to be fully present to get the most out of them. That?s hard to do when there?s a mobile device in every person?s hand. But it?s not impossible. It would be a shame to return home after a week away on vacation and have no memories because you remained plugged into your device the entire time.How to Unplug and Enjoy a Late Season VacationWe realize it?s a lot to ask to have you and the kids leave your iPhones, iPads, iTouch and laptops at home. So why not set aside a period of time ? one or two hours ? each day when everyone plugs in at once to get their “internet fix.” When the hour is up, you?re done until the next day. As a family, go out and enjoy the sandy beach and blue ocean water…but leave your mobile devices in the room!It might feel awkward at first. You?re used to having that device in your pocket or purse. Without even realizing it, you?ve come to expect it to vibrate or ring and so you?re always on alert. But after a little while, surrounded by all this beauty, it will be the last thing on your mind as you slip ever so quietly into vacation mode.How to Unplug and Enjoy a Late Season VacationNow think about all the things you?re freed up to do when you don?t have that wireless connection tying you down. Enjoy the miles of unspoiled sandy beaches, nature walks, and wide bike paths. Delight your children with a visit to the area parks. Spend the day out on a charter boat doing some fishing and let the kids experience catching ?the big one? on their fishing line. This is how you make lasting memories! There?s plenty of golf and tennis to be played here and unlimited shopping excursions as well.With so many affordable vacation rental properties available, we?re sure to have the perfect accommodations for you and your family. Check us out online or give us a call at 843-839-0099 or toll free at 866-252-9930 today!

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