5 New Year’s Resolutions to Spark Motivation

Not only is December the end of 2019, it is the end of an entire decade! We’re just as astounded as you are that the early 2000’s hair scrunchies are back in style and happy that flared jeans and tank tops haven’t come back in style. Jokes (or not) aside, as cliche as it sounds, the beginning of the decade is the perfect time to refresh your goals. We strive to keep it real on our blog and content, so we’re sharing 5 New Year, New Decade, New You suggestions to make your life fuller. 

Spice Up Your Health Routine: Do you feel like going to the gym is a punishment? If so, that’s not a long-term solution to maintaining a healthy body. And truthfully, we want you to enjoy each day. So, instead of signing up for a costly gym membership, invite a friend to go running or walking with you on the beach. There is a slew of body-weighted workouts you can incorporate after your cardio session as well. Since it is the middle of winter, you can also sign up for ClassPass for a couple of months which allows you to attend a gym without signing a contract! Your first month is free and after that, you simply pay for the number of points you wish to have (which can be changed at any point). Just ask a friend to join you at the gym, and try out a bunch of different classes. You’ll likely find a new favorite workout class and make new friends! Plus, you can cancel at any time without dealing with face-to-face interaction.  

Perfect Your Cooking Skills: Not only is cooking your own meals healthier, but it’s also heaps more cost-efficient. So, if one of your New Year’s Resolutions is to be more thrifty with your money, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone so to speak. Perhaps you aren’t a great cook or don’t enjoy spending much time in the kitchen. Thankfully, recipes have significantly evolved and improved over the decade, and there are 30-minute recipes, 1-pot recipes, and recipes tailored to any and every diet style. One thing we’ve learned about home cooking is that we know exactly what goes into our dishes and how cleanly it was prepared. Plus, the leftovers make a delicious lunch. In other words, you won’t be ordering lunch from GrubHub to be delivered to the office. All in all, cooking is such a rewarding technique to commit to perfecting. 

Develop a New Hobby: A new hobby doesn’t have to be extreme, such as learning to skydive. Simple hobbies bring just as much joy (and less fear) than extreme ones. For example, perhaps gardening is one skill you’d like to perfect. If so, visit your local plant shop and choose your favorite vegetables to plant. Spring time, just around the corner, is the perfect opportunity to plant tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, broccoli, eggplant, and beets. Take a look at this article for other suggestions and tips. On the other hand, since you live so close to the beach, take a morning stroll to search for shark’s teeth, unique shells, and beach glass. You can interest the kids in making necklaces and bracelets with small shells, and glue shark’s teeth onto paper and place it in a frame to add to your beach decor collection. 

Declutter and Revamp: On the topic of beach decor, have you been contemplating going Joanna Gaines on your house and having a full interior refresh? Is your great grandmother’s chair awkwardly clashing with your modern furniture? Perhaps you’ve been wanting to paint the kitchen or put up beach-themed wallpaper. If so, take this opportunity to donate your less than favorite pieces of decor and invest in modern beach-style elements that speak to you! After all, it’s so exciting to come home to a space that you absolutely love. It makes rainy days in and house parties much more exciting! 

Take a Vacation: We’re all guilty of grinding it out at work and neglecting to make downtime for ourselves and family. If you feel like that sentence was directly aimed at you, we’re giving you permission (and maybe even a strong suggestion) to plan a relaxing seaside vacation or staycation. Not only are vacations proven to reduce stress and reduce the risk of heart disease, but it’s the perfect opportunity to reconnect with loved ones and create new memories. If you have a favorite niece who you haven’t seen in ages, plan a beach trip together. It’ll be the perfect opportunity for you both to relax and have a great time together! 

With this decade coming to an end, the Surfside Realty team wishes you a prosperous and healthy new decade! What goals do you plan to achieve over the course of this year? 

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