Visiting Alice’s Grave at All Saints Church

Alice Belin Flagg was the young sister of a wealthy rice planter who owned "The Hermitage." Alice was sent to school in Charleston, where at the New Year’s Saint Cecelia Ball, her beau presented her with an engagement ring. Her brother did not approve of the fiance because he did not belong to the wealthy planter class, and Alice was not allowed to wear the ring on her finger when she was at the Hermitage. Instead, she wore it on a ribbon around her neck, hidden in the collar of her blouse.

One morning Alice awoke with a high fever. During her illness her brother discovered the ring and cast it into the inlet creek near the Hermitage. Alice died crying for the ring. Her brother dressed her in a white ball gown, and she was buried in a temporary grave near the Hermitage. Her body was later moved to the cemetery at All Saints Church near Pawleys Island, where it now rests under a simple marble slab bearing only the name "Alice." It is said that her spirit can be evoked by walking around the grave backward 13 times. Several people who have tried this ritual also testify that they felt a "tug" at their own ring. 

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