How to Visit Surfside Beach On a Budget

Traveling expenses can add up quite quickly as you likely know. So, how can you cut costs without cutting out fun? It’s actually quite simple! You’ll still enjoy all the beach has to offer without compromising too much. After all, the beach is the main attraction and it’s completely free! When it comes to dining out, having drinks and shopping, costs quickly rise. So, let’s talk about pinching pennies. 

First and foremost, visit the Specials & Deals page to find a vacation home or condo on sale. You’ll find discounts such as 20% off your first weekly stay, linens included with your stay, a free Sun Lover’s Package, and so much more. This feature is highly customizable, too. You can put in the date range you’re looking to visit, the type of property you want to book, and the number of bedrooms you need. If you’re traveling with a furry friend or want a private, heated pool, that’s a feature you’re also able to select. Plus, if you have flexibility on your travel dates, you’re more likely to find the home you’re looking for in your budget. 

As we alluded to earlier in this post, dining out can quickly ramp up costs. At Surfside Realty, All of our vacation homes are equipped with a kitchen, so you can purchase all your ingredients from the local grocery store and whip up a fantastic meal. In our humble opinion, cooking is so rewarding and fun! You can assign tasks to each person and create a custom meal that everyone loves while accounting for dietary restrictions and allergies. Even Aunt Mary who can’t cook to save her life can mash up avocados and squeeze lime juice into a bowl to make a tasty guacamole dip. If you have children or a large group of people, home cooking makes for fun activity that everyone can enjoy. 

The time of year you visit has a huge impact on prices. In general, it will be a bit more expensive to book a vacation home in the summer months than it will be to book in fall and winter. That’s right – that means NOW is the perfect time to book a beach stay at Surfside Beach! And thankfully, Surfside is blessed with mild autumns and winters, so you’ll still be able to walk on the beach even if you can’t bust out your bikini. Plus, there are plenty of activities to immerse yourself in, such as live music events, many of which are free or relatively inexpensive. Regardless, you’ll find a healthy selection of homes for a discounted rate this time of year. 

The more the merrier, right? Consider making your beach trip one for a large family reunion or a group of friends who are looking to celebrate spring break on a budget. The more people you invite, the cheaper it will be for each individual. Plus, you’ll be able to play fun group games, share your favorite memories, and get to know each other well. Who knows, you might make new friends who will accompany you to the beach in the years to come. 

One smart way to save money is to plan out the activities that you really want to do and allocate costs to each. From there, you can add up each and determine your approximate total cost. If it’s over your desired budget, consider eliminating that round of mini golf and hosting a movie night at the beach house instead. By estimating your total budget, you won’t have a surprise credit card bill that’s more than you can manage. 

To conclude, the beach should be a relaxing place, not one where you feel stressed about money, work, or anything else. So be thrifty with your budget before you hit the road so you won’t have any surprises when you come home. Hashtag adulting, right? Just remember to have fun and allow yourself to splurge a bit here and there. After all, it’s not every day that you’re at the beach. 

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