How to Help Keep Our Beaches Clean

It’s no secret that we love our beaches. The sunny skies, summer breeze, sandy shores and peaceful Atlantic water, there’s much to fall in love with here. However, we want to make sure future generations can experience the same beauty we’ve come to appreciate. One of the easiest ways to do so? Making sure to keep the beaches clean! Here are a few tips on helping do your part to preserve our beautiful beaches on your next vacation to Myrtle Beach:

Pack your snacks in tupperware

Sandwich and snack baggies are lifesavers for packing a lunch, but often they blow away on the beach and wind up as litter in the ocean. Instead of putting your beach snacks in plastic bags, bring along some tupperware from home and pack your food in those! Added bonus: they’re much easier to eat from and keep sand out of your food.

Bring reusable water bottles

We’re all about staying hydrated on the beach, but those disposable plastic water bottles often wind up being left behind and contributing to the litter in our oceans. Instead of picking up a case of water bottles from the grocery store on the way into town, make sure everyone in your family brings a reusable water bottle from home.

Carry along your own bag

Trash cans aren’t always easy to locate when you’re strolling along the beach or even relaxing near the boardwalk. By bringing along a bag for trash, you can always be sure you have a place to put any litter from your time on the beach. Don’t forget about those fruit rinds and peels, either! While they might not seem like litter, they can harm marine life.

Go above and beyond

While picking up your own trash at the beach is a wonderful step, you can do even more by picking up trash left behind by other beachgoers. If you’re headed out for an evening stroll along the shore, try to bring a bag or bucket to put stray litter you find before it washes into the ocean!

Stay off the dunes

Many South Carolina beaches have beautiful sand dunes separating the ocean from beachfront houses and hotels. While it can be tempting to cut through these dunes instead of walking to the nearest boardwalk, doing so severely damages the ecology of the land. The sand dunes help preserve those oceanfront properties from wind and waves, too. So, remember to always use the boardwalk!

Follow these tips to ensure your family, other beachgoers and future generations have a clean vacation spot for years to come!

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