Best Beach Games to Play On Vacation

The perfect beach day looks a little different for every person. While some may enjoy spending the day soaking up the sun in a beach chair with a good book, others may want to be riding the waves on a boogie board or building the ultimate sand castle. If you’re the type that wants to add some fun and games to your time on the beach, there are numerous options. We’ve put together a list of our four favorite beach games:CornholeThis classic tailgating game is also a great activity for beach days. Two teams compete against each other to reach 21 points by throwing bean bags at a ramp with one small hole in the middle. If you already have a cornhole set for your backyard, you can just pack that up and bring it with you to the beach. If not, there are plenty of options to purchase a cornhole set online, or you can build one yourself with these instructions. See the game rules here.Bucket BallEver played beer pong in college? This is basically that collegiate classic, but beach sized. Instead of Solo cups and ping pong balls, you use large buckets and tennis-sized balls. You can either make the game yourself with 3-gallon buckets or pails from the dollar store and a pack of tennis balls or buy the official BucketBall set here.See the game rules here.BocceThis is another classic game that’s perfect for the beach. Think of it a little bit like Olympic curling, but a bit simpler and on the sand with balls instead of stones. Up to four players compete in teams to get their balls the closest to the “jack” or little white ball, often knocking their competitors’ balls out of the way in the process. Find balls that are weighted correctly is crucial to getting the most enjoyment with this game, so do your search on different bocce ball sets before purchasing.See game rules here.SpikeballPerhaps the most active of the four beach games, Spikeball is one of the newest hot games for the beach. Described as a hybrid cross between foursquare and volleyball, this is a fast-paced game where two teams compete to reach 21 points by hitting a ball towards a circular net. Players often get so into it that they’ll find themselves diving for the ball. You can order your official Spikeball set here.See the game rules here.

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