10 Questions to Ask About a Pet Friendly Rental

From large chains hotels to vacation homes, more and more lodgings are opening their doors to people traveling with their pets. Some places will allow all kinds of animals — cats, rabbits, even reptiles, but for most, pet-friendly means dog-friendly. But just what friendly means is often up to interpretation. It’s important to find out early on how “pet friendly” is defined in the Garden City Beach pet friendly vacation rentals you’re considering.

Many Garden City Beach pet friendly vacation rentals fully outline their pet policies on their websites. The tone and amount of information provided can be a good indicator of just how pet-friendly they are! Following are questions to ask before you book dog-friendly lodging.

1. Do you have size or breed restrictions?
2. Are there additional fees?
3. Where are your dog-friendly rooms located and are they non-smoking?
4. Are there places nearby to walk the dog?
5. Do you need to see proof of vaccination?
6. Are there restricted areas on the property?
7. Are there dog walkers/sitters in the area?
8. Do you provide the bowls/crates/beds?
9. How many dogs do you allow?
10. Are there dog-friendly attractions in the area?

Traveling with your dog can be a whole lot of fun. Asking the right questions and planning ahead will ensure that your adventures go off without a hitch with regards to the accommodations. We have a wide array of Garden City Beach pet friendly vacation rentals for you to choose from regardless of whether you want oceanfront, ocean view, 2nd row or 3rd row. Give us a call today or look on our website for what we have available.

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