Surfside Beach Cottages

It used to be that a hotel room was something to look forward to when you took a vacation but times have changed and like many others you’ve probably outgrown the restrictions that come with spending a week in a bedroom. Now picture taking a vacation to South Carolina and staying in one of our Surfside Beach cottages. On this vacation you’d have sleep quarters separate and apart from a living area and you’d be able to enjoy a fully equipped kitchen with separate dining area and often your own washer/dryer. Staying in Surfside Beach cottages changes the feel of your vacation experience. You no longer feel cramped and squeezed into your accommodations. Instead you feel like you belong here, like a resident, in your own freestanding home.

You’ll find our Surfside Beach cottages to be in close proximity to over 110 championship golf courses, 1,800 restaurants offering casual to 4 star dining, amusement parks, water parks the kids (and adults, too!) will love, miniature golf, live theatre and a night life you just have to experience to believe. Take a look at our vast assortment of cottages and you’re sure to find one that will easily accommodate your entire family.