Contact the Staff at Surfside Realty


E.J. Servant, III CEO/Broker-In-Charge Email 843-839-8900
Tyler Servant Chief Operating Officer/REALTOR Email 843-839-8929
Travis Worthy Director of Rental Operations Email 843-839-7655
Elizabeth Howland Director of Association Management Email Ext. 7194
Sharolyn Jewell Director of Pool and Grounds Email 843-839-8908
Miles Servant Director of Commercial Development/REALTOR Email 843-222-2228

Vacation Rentals

Maryellen Comtois Director of Owner Services Email 843-839-7189
Courtney Baker Front Desk Manager Email 843-238-3435
Amanda Hopkins Executive Assistant Email 843-839-7185
Darlene Ward Housekeeping Coordinator/Vacation Planner Email 843-839-7180
Darla Cobbett Maintenance Coordinator / Vacation Planner Email 843-839-8925
Keisha Barnes Housekeeping Coordinator/Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435 Ext. 6109
Renata Morrissette Annual Rentals/REALTOR Email 843-839-7181
Rebekah Snow Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Kathy DeGennaro Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Samantha Matz Maintenance Coordinator / Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435 Ext. 6111
Liz Chase Vacation Planner Email 843-839-0099
Helene Sims-Aldrich Vacation Planner Email 843-839-0099
Kerri Ko Vacation Planner Email Ext.

Real Estate Sales

John Connolly REALTOR Email 843-222-0303
Patti Embry REALTOR Email 843-450-7743
Martha Mountan Sales Coordinator Email Ext. 6123
Carolyn Raines-Harbin REALTOR Email 843-458-8341
Elizabeth Wilhelm-Parsons REALTOR Email 843-452-8686
Jenn Cribb REALTOR Email 843-267-0225
Ken Harbin REALTOR Email 843-458-8340
Nancy McCabe REALTOR Email 843-283-4540
Tyler Servant Chief Operating Officer/REALTOR Email 843-222-6656
Phil Murdock Broker Associate/REALTOR Email 843-655-4600

Association Management

Debbie Adarms Community Assistant Email 843-238-4900
Nancy Constable Assistant Community Manager Email Ext. 8912
Pam Furlong Administrative Assistant Email Ext. 6131
Nancy Gardner Assistant Community Manager Email Ext. 8906
Barbara Goodwin Community Manager Email 843-839-8910
Donna Logan Community Manager Email Ext. 8911
Susan Pendergrass Community Manager Email Ext. 8909
Dena D'Alessandro Administrative Assistant Email 843-238-4900


Patsy Brindisi Director of Accounting Email 843-839-8903
Athena DeFreest Rental Accounting Email 843-839-0099
Tina Larsen Rental Accounting Email 843-839-8903
Kristen Callahan HOA Accounting Representative Email 843-238-4900
Turner Drew HOA Accounts Payable Email 843-238-4900
Debroah Beazley Accounting Email 843-238-4900

Pools & Landscaping

Terry Shelley Administrative Assistant Email Ext. 7665