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South Carolina Vacations

Travel south to a world of fashioned antiquity, draped in hospitality and adorned with country-side exclusivity when you plan vacations in South Carolina. Rich in culture and style, South Carolina welcomes an array of visitors from across the country with its sandy beaches, captivating golf courses and wild marshlands. At Surfside Realty, we bring you that much closer to the excitement that South Carolina offers by featuring prime vacation rentals in Garden City, Myrtle Beach and Surfside Beach.

Here, this coastline features vast rental properties that are situated near numerous attractions, restaurants and fine coastal dining. Vacations in South Carolina are prided off of the location that families and friends can gather together to add to the history rich coastline. That’s why Surfside Realty offers inspired vacationers the best of the best right here in the heart of the shoreline. With an extensive catalog of properties along the Grand Strand, taking vacations in South Carolina has become a luxurious experiment of mixing the elegance of the South with the comforts of home. We put an emphasis on “home” being that hospitality and service make for the atmosphere along this country coastline.

Surfside Realty offers more than just vacation rental properties. We offer memories and the opportunities to turn vacations in South Carolina into nostalgic moments that reside with travelers for a lifetime. Choose from our many homes, whether you stay in an oceanfront unit at the towering Atalaya Towers in Garden City or at the beautiful home known as “Washed Ashore,” resting along the coast in Surfside Beach. We bring the true vacation lifestyle through our residences by featuring amenities such as full electric kitchens, open living rooms, spacious bedrooms and views that make any mountaineer jealous. Such beauty comes only with our vacations in South Carolina, so we welcome you to dream among waves and sleep near the stars.

Plan your season getaway in one of our Myrtle Beach condos, Surfside Beach rentals, or Garden City homes and prepare to be open to outstanding vacation in South Carolina. Surfside Realty invites you to explore over 100 different rental properties that promise a peace full and stress free environment so that you and your family can enjoy some serious rest and relaxation. Life couldn’t be any more sweeter at the beach so be intrigued by the charming nature of what Surfside Realty has to offer. Vacations in South Carolina have never been more attractive!