Patsy Brindisi

Patsy Brindisi is our Internal Accountant at Surfside Realty Co., Inc. and has managed that department since 2007. Her responsibilities are overseeing all account functions for Surfside Realty Company Inc. and Seaside Rentals Inc.

Born in New York, she moved to Murrells Inlet 16 years ago from the state of Rhode Island. She is a graduate of the University Of Rhode Island where she majored in Business Administration and Accounting. Her experience covers over 43 years in Accounting, Management, Human Resources and Payroll.

Outside of the office, for many years you could have found her on the “Dog Show” circuit with her Samoyeds and Akitas. A Nature lover at heart she also has a Master Gardeners degree from the University of Connecticut and enjoys “playing” in the dirt whenever she is not at work.