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Real Estate Sales

Patti Embry REALTOR Email 843-450-7743
Martha Mountan Sales Coordinator Email Ext. 6123
Elizabeth Wilhelm-Parsons REALTOR Email 843-452-8686
Jenn Cribb REALTOR/Broker Associate Email 843-267-0225
Nancy McCabe REALTOR/Broker Associate Email 843-283-4540
Tyler Servant Chief Operating Officer/REALTOR Email 843-222-6656
Phil Murdock REALTOR/Broker Associate Email 843-655-4600
Miles Servant Director of Commercial Development/REALTOR Email 843-222-2228
Marsha Murdock REALTOR Email 803-517-3723
Cody Sluder REALTOR Email 843-467-8734
Renata Morrissette Realtor Email 413-896-0580