25 Things To Do When It Rains On Your Vacation

Things To Do When It Rains On Your VacationIf it rains on your vacation it doesn?t have to be a wash out downer. People find things to do all the time to escape the heat and those will help you escape the rain as well. There?s many things to do on a beach vacation that doesn?t involve the beach at all! While you could stay indoors and enjoy the amenities any one of our Seaside Rentals can provide you, there surely are lots more that you can do to make your vacation all that it can be.1. Be proactive and check the weather channel on TV or weather.com online to see if it?s going to rain and how long it?s forecasted to last.2. Take a trip to a local drug store or beach shop and pick up some umbrellas or rain gear cheaply.3. The ocean is exciting when a storm is coming. Take a walk on the beach with your umbrella. Nix this idea if it?s thundering or lightning.4. Go to an air conditioned indoor movie theatre.5. Have a tasty lunch at a local pizza house.6. Go see ?One. The show? at Alabama Theatre.7. Visit Broadway at the Beach to see Legends in Concert.8. Think about how lucky you are you?re not out camping.9. Check out The Palace Theatre, home of Le Grand Cirque Adrenaline10. Visit Ripley?s Aquarium in downtown Myrtle Beach.11. Take the family bowling at 710 North Myrtle Beach for the time of your life!12. Visit a bookstore to browse, then purchase that book you?ve been meaning to read.13. Kick back and read that good book you just bought.14. Stroll through one of the local malls without spending a cent.15. Take a drive down the coast and visit the specialty shops along the way.16. Drive to Calabash and experience first hand what Calabash Seafood is all about.17. Visit the Franklin G. Burroughs - Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum at 3100 South Ocean Boulevard Myrtle Beach, SC 2957718. Go out for some adult fun and take in a show at 2001 Nightclub, 920 Lake Arrowhead Road, Myrtle Beach.19. Stop by the awesome gaming center, MagiQuest, at 1185 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach.20. For indoor/outdoor miniature golf, check out Paradise Adventure Golf.Things To Do When It Rains On Your Vacation21. Don?t miss Medieval Times, a dinner theatre at 2904 Fantasy Way, Myrtle Beach.22. Take in your first IMAX 3D theatre in Myrtle Beach.23. Go shopping at one of three enclosed malls at Myrtle Beach Grand, Inlet Square, or Briarcliffe.24. Try your hand in the Broadway Louie?s, a new gaming arcade at Celebrity Square in Myrtle Beach.25. Take the kids to WonderWorks ? an amusement park for the mind with over 100 hands-on exhibits.This list should keep you and the kids busy for the duration of the storm. If you have any not-to-be-missed ideas for a rainy day be sure to add them in the comments section below.

Ocean VS Pool: The Great Debate

Few summer vacation issues are more divisive than the classic "ocean vs pool" argument. For decades, people have escaped to the water for vacation and relaxation, but for as long as pools have been around, families have fought over which body of water--the ocean or the swimming pool--is better for vacation.

While we believe there's no correct answer, we've put together a list of perks associated with both the ocean and the pool. Hopefully this will help you decide!

Ocean Perks

  • Sand is more comfortable and versatile than the concrete surrounding a pool
  • Saltwater is better for your skin
  • The waves offer activities like surfing, boogie boarding, kite surfing, and more
  • You can go fishing in the water and catch your own dinner
  • Calming sound of the ocean as the waves crash on the shore
  • Sand helps to exfoliate your feet
  • Fewer insects due to wind coming off the ocean

Pool Perks

  • No animals, like fish or dolphins, in the water
  • The water is clear, so you can see straight to the bottom
  • No waves, so you can float and relax
  • Chlorine is better for sensitive skin than saltwater
  • Less of a trek to get back home when you want to
  • Fewer seagulls to snatch your lunch
  • Not likely to cut your foot on a shell hiding under the sand

No need to choose between beach and pool: with Surfside Realty's vacation rentals, you can take advantage of the best of both worlds! Contact us today to learn more.

How to Plan the Perfect Beach Date

If you?ve watched any chick flick, you know that there?s nothing more romantic than a date on the beach. While the ocean makes a fantastic background for a date, there are a lot of factors involved in executing the perfect beach date. We?ll break it down for you:Planning The Perfect Beach Date

Check the Weather

Nothing ruins an outdoor date fast than bad weather. Be sure you consult the weatherman to ensure you pick a picture perfect day.

Pack a Picnic

You?re sure to get extra points from your date for packing a cute picnic lunch. Pack easy-to-eat foods, like sandwiches or pizza (nothing that requires utensils).

Look up the Sunset Time

Sunset over the ocean, is there anything romantic? Make sure you?re picking the perfect time of day by doing a little research and finding out what time the sun is supposed to set so you can plan accordingly.

Learn the Tide Schedule

At some places on the coast during high tide the beach can completely disappear. Do a little research on your ideal spot and check to make sure the tide won?t be a hindering factor for your date.

Bring a Jacket

Remember that beaches can be very windy! If you?re planning on holding the date during the evening, you should consider bringing a jacket (yes, even in the summer!) to avoid chill and discomfort from the wind.Want to turn your beach picnic into a full on beach getaway? Contact Seaside Rentals to see the amazing properties we have available!

6 Books to Add to Your Beach Bag in 2016

Few things are better than settling down in the sand, under the warm sun, putting on your sunglasses and pulling out a great book! Reading on the beach is such a widely practiced activity that there’s an entire genre of fiction devoted to “beach literature,” aka books that are light and fun to read between building sandcastles and jumping in the ocean.

Here are a few books to add to your beach library in 2016: 

If you like dark mysteries:

All The Missing Girls, Megan Miranda

Arguably 2016’s The Girl on The Train, All The Missing Girls tells the story of a girl who left her hometown after her best friend disappeared, and then returns years later to take care of a family matter. You won’t know who to trust and you won’t want to put it down, so start this one first thing in the morning!

The Girl Before, Rena Olsen

Fans of Gone Girl will love The Girl Before, a story of a woman who is kidnapped and tries to put all the pieces together of her abduction and what it has to do with her husband. The plot alternates between past and present to throw the reader off their game, so pay close attention to this one! 

If you like romances:

All Summer Long, Dorthea Benton Frank

Like most other Dorthea Benton Frank novels, All Summer Long is a witty and realistic tale of a New York couple who prepare to move to Charleston, SC for retirement. You’ll relate to the themes of how life and love evolve over the years.

Love & Gelato, Jenna Evans Welch

A sweet and whimsical story of people who go on a romantic adventure in Italy. A perfectly sweet novel to read on the beach that will have you hugging your sweetie closer!

If you like non-fiction:

It’s Okay to Laugh (Crying is Cool, Too), Nora McInerny Purmort

A memoir that tells the story of a woman who finally finds the one only to find out that he has rare, terminal brain cancer. It’s beautifully funny and poignant.

You’ll Grow Out of It, Jessi Klein

Lead writer and executive producer of “Inside Amy Schumer,” Jessi Klein tells tells the hilarious story of how she went from a tom boy to a “tom man” and found success.


What books are in your beach bag this year?

5 Great Lunch Spots in Surfside Beach

As the sun settles high in the sky, and your stomach starts to rumble, you’re left with one question: where should I get lunch in Surfside Beach? Having lived and worked here for over 50 years, we’ve had some experience in trying out all the different restaurants that Surfside Beach has to offer. Here are 5 great spots to grab a quick bite to eat:

Pickled Cucumber

When you’ve got a hankerin’ for good old fashioned country cookin’, there’s no beating the Pickled Cucumber! With crowd-pleasing specials like country fried steak, macaroni and cheese, hoppin’ john, and collard greens, you’ll leave feeling full and ready for a nap!

Joey Doggs

Joey Doggs has probably the best selection of hot dogs on the Grand Strand! Our favorite is the chili dog, but the BLT dog and the Rueben dog are also delicious. All hot dogs come served in a dog bowl (hence the name), but be sure to try their awesome fries and onion rings! 

FishMonger Seafood

It’s not a true trip to the beach if you don’t eat some seafood! FishMonger has a great selection of fish you can take home and cook in one of the kitchens in our fantastic Surfside Beach rental homes, or you can get some of their fresh made seafood specials cooked for you! Their specials vary daily, but some of our standard favorites are the crab dip, the fish and chips, and the scallop basket.

Dagwood’s Deli

Dagwood’s is a great spot to get out of the sun and enjoy a sports game on one of their many TVs. It’s classic bar food done right. Our favorites are the turkey sandwich, the Hail Mary dipper, and the filly cheesesteak. Definitely come hungry, because these sandwiches are huge!

Malibu of Surfside

You don’t always want Italian food when you’re at the beach, but trust us: Malibu’s is the real deal! Their pasta is sure to please. Some of our favorites include the lobster ravioli, lasagna, and the cheesecake, although we’ve never had a dish that disappointed!


What are some of your favorite lunch spots?

2 Houses to Rent This Summer

houses to rentSummertime is right around the corner and that means lazy days at the beach, afternoons under the summer sun, nights spent listening to the waves crash against the shore. Just because you haven't scheduled your beach vacation doesn't mean it's too late! Seaside Rentals has a number of great properties waiting for you!

Legal Ease

  • 5 bedrooms
  • \t
  • 4 bathrooms
  • \t
  • Gorgeous ocean views
  • \t
  • Located on North Ocean Boulevard in Surfside Beach, SC
  • \t
  • Private Pool
  • \t
  • Ocean-facing covered porches
  • \t
  • Exterior shower
  • \t
  • 2 master suites with jacuzzi tubs
  • \t
  • Pool table
  • \t
  • 6 TVs
Book a new weekly reservation at Legal Ease for June or July 2016 and receive 20% off! Book a new weekly reservation for August and get 15% off! *Valid for Saturday - Saturday rentals only*

Sand Castle

110 381
  • 5 bedrooms
  • \t
  • 4.5 bathrooms
  • \t
  • Private Pool
  • \t
  • Second row, short walk to beach
  • \t
  • Brand new bedding, paint, and artwork
  • \t
  • Exterior shower
  • \t
  • Master suite with jacuzzi tub
Book Sand Castle for the weeks of June 11th or June 25th and receive 20% off!

Ready to plan your getaway? Contact our helpful staff to get started!

Plan the Ultimate Golf Getaway

Are you a golf lover? Surfside Realty wants to help you plan the ultimate golf getaway! There are over 70 different golf courses to choose from in the Myrtle Beach area, which means the world’s your oyster when it comes to picking the perfect course!

Here’s how it works:

  • Pick the courses you’re interested in
  • Pick your dates & the number of people in your party
  • Determine amenities for your stay (private pool, oceanfront, etc).

Surfside Realty will handle the rest! We’ll schedule tee times and find the perfect rental for your vacation. It’s as easy as that!

Benefits of Golf

  • Exercise – Walking the 18 holes plus carrying your own bags means you’re getting lots of exercise, which is good for your heart!
  • Exposure to Nature – Being out in nature is good for both your body and mind. Plus, a little vitamin D from the sun helps promote bone growth and reduce depression!
  • Stress reduction – Golfing helps your brain produce endorphins, which in turn help you feel less stressed.

Being at the beach is also beneficial to your health for the same reasons as above! Just be sure you drink lots of water and wear plenty of sunscreen to avoid dehydration and dangerous sun burns!

Ready to plan your golf vacation? Fill out our golf form and a member of our staff will be in touch with you to finalize the details of your vacation!

20 Things to Do at the Beach This Summer

Going to the beach for summer vacation is one of America?s greatest pastimes. Myrtle Beach offers a number of great amenities and activities, but there are a few things about going to the beach that are universal, whether you're visiting Myrtle Beach, Garden City Beach, Surfside Beach, or any other beach along the Grand Strand.20 things to do at the beach 

Here?s everything you should plan to do at the beach on your next vacation:

  1. Walk barefoot in the sand
  2. \t
  3. Get a tan
  4. \t
  5. Swim in the ocean
  6. \t
  7. Collect seashells
  8. \t
  9. Eat some fish
  10. \t
  11. Build a sandcastle
  12. \t
  13. Sleep in late
  14. \t
  15. Make a sand angel
  16. \t
  17. Take a nap on the beach
  18. \t
  19. Go for a beach stroll
  20. \t
  21. Watch the sunrise
  22. \t
  23. Watch the sunset
  24. \t
  25. Walk down the pier
  26. \t
  27. Eat ice cream
  28. \t
  29. Play volleyball
  30. \t
  31. Toss a Frisbee around
  32. \t
  33. Go shopping
  34. \t
  35. Spot a dolphin in the water
  36. \t
  37. Go fishing
  38. \t
  39. Relax!
What are your favorite things to do at the beach? Plan your next beach vacation with Seaside Rentals! We'll help you find the perfect rental property for your budget!

How to Enjoy Your Baby's First Beach Vacation


If this is the first time you've taken a vacation with a baby in tow there are some tips you should keep in mind. While it might feel like it will take a small army to manage this, it really won't. Babies have been enjoying beach vacations since the concept of a beach vacation came to be. While beach vacations are oriented more to adults and children, babies are content to be anywhere that their parents are and when you stay in our family friendly vacation rentals you'll have everything you need for that perfect vacation. Anything that relaxes Mom and Dad is going to make for a happy baby so stay calm throughout your time away. It?s important to remind yourselves, you?re on vacation and the goal is to have fun.

Below are some important tips that will help you and your baby enjoy this summer's beach vacation.

1. Plan Your Time. Try to schedule your airline flights during the normal nap time your baby is used to. Walk and play with the baby during extended periods in the airport. More energy exerted there will be less energy the baby exerts in the confines of an airplane.

2. Stay On Schedule. Maintain the schedule you have at home for the entire time you?re on vacation. That includes the time you wake up and go to sleep, the time you eat meals, and when nap time is. This is not the time to kick up your heels and stay out late.

3. Inquire Before Leaving. Make sure the place where you?re staying provides sleeping arrangements for babies. Ask about cribs, play pens and  as the car rental agency about car seats, too.


babys schedule

4. Stay Calm. Don?t stress out while getting ready for your trip because your baby will sense that and be on edge as well.

5. Plan On Doing Less. With babies the rule really is ?Less is More.? Don?t over stimulate a baby. Make sure they take naps in quiet and comfortable spaces. Afternoon naps improve the chances of a quality evening so consider taking a nap at the same time.

6. Apply Sunscreen Often. Shield babies from the midday sun. Don?t count on a tent or canopy because some beaches don?t allow them. Wear hats and light weight clothing. Apply sunscreen to any areas of skin showing. Read the label and reapply as recommended.

7. Beachin' it During Off Times. Plan on going to the beach early or late. Don't take your baby to the beach during the hottest time of the day between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m.

When you arrive at the beach with a baby in tow and are looking for the perfect family friendly vacation rentals don?t hesitate to give us a call at Seaside Rentals, (866) 252-9930. We're sure your whole family will love our accommodations.

Going to the Beach with Pets

One of the best things about renting a beach house from Seaside Rentals is that many of our properties are dog-friendly! But if you plan on bringing man?s best friend with you to the beach, there are a few things you should keep in mind before you hit the sand.dogs-on-beach

Check the Rules for Dogs on the Beach

Horry County (Myrtle Beach, Surfside Beach, Garden City Beach) May 1 - Labor Day, dogs are allowed on the beach only before 10 am and after 5 pm. From Labor Day - April 30 each year, dogs are allowed on the beach at any time of day. At all times when dogs are allowed on the beach, they must be on a leash and dog owners must pick up and properly dispose of the droppings.

Make Sure Your Dog Can Swim

Don?t automatically assume your dog is a swimmer. Test out how they do in water by letting them test the waters in a shallow area. Give your pup time to acclimate, and consider letting them practice their swimming technique in a dog-friendly pool or shallow lake. Invest in a doggy life jacket for extra safety.

Bring Fresh Water and Shade

Prevent your dog from drinking saltwater by ensuring they have plenty of freshwater available to drink. Just like children, dogs need plenty of access to shade so that they don?t overheat, so grab an umbrella!

Grab the Pet Sunscreen

Many people assume that dogs are immune to sunburns because of their fur, but that isn?t the case. Purchase dog-friendly sunscreen and apply regularly if you?re spending a lot of time under the sun!

Post-Beach Showers

After letting your dog play in saltwater, be sure you rinse them off thoroughly so they don?t ingest salt from licking themselves.Contact Seaside Rentals today to learn more about renting dog-friendly properties in Myrtle Beach.