Pack the Perfect Beach Picnic

We’ve all been there: you spend all morning getting the family ready for the beach, lathered up with sunscreen, finally make your way to the perfect spot only to realize it’s noon and you have no food in sight. Naturally, you’re hungry instantaneously.

Whether you’re packing a picnic for a beach day with the family, friends or your significant other, we’ve provided a list of tips and tricks for ensuring hunger doesn’t get in the way of your relaxation time.

Tip #1: Stick to finger-friendly food.
Don’t let plates or silverware get in the way. Tasty crowd-pleasers for beach snacks include things like: fruits such as apples or raspberries (avoid strawberries unless you remove the stems first), veggies such as celery sticks or baby carrots with hummus for dipping, chips and salsa (never fails), and even hard-boiled eggs. If you’re really into packing a salad, a great hack is packing them individually in plastic cups, the dressing on the bottom, with lids on the top!

Tip #2: No more mayo.
Sandwiches are a great go-to for your beach picnic. It’s easy to make a bunch of them at once when packing your picnic and they fill you up for a full day at the beach. An easy mistake, however, is putting mayonnaise on your sandwiches which will go bad fairly soon after sitting in the hot sun. Unless you plan to eat them as soon as you get to the beach or have a really fancy cooler, choose a different spread for your sandwiches and wraps.

Tip #3: Choose your cheese wisely.
Cheese and crackers are another great beach snack and it’s easy to continue eating throughout the day. The kids love it too! Be sure to choose softer cheeses such as brie, which will only become more delicious after sitting in the heat. The kids, and you for that matter will want to eat that expensive sharp cheddar or manchego once it’s saturated in oil.

Tip #4: Bottles of frozen water.
So simple yet so many benefits! Place a few bottles of water in your freezer the night before your day at the beach and some the morning of. This way, you’ll have a few very frozen bottles to keep your food cold and still be that refreshing sip at the end of the day. You can also place behind your neck to keep you nice and cool. Sip on your partially frozen bottles at the beginning of your day!   

Tip #5. Don’t forget dessert!
While chocolate chip cookies are a common favorite (because they’re oh-so-delicious), you might be better off sticking with brownies which are less likely to melt all over the place. Another genius hack: try making mini cupcakes and put them in an empty egg carton for easy transportation!

Now that you have the basics, don’t forget the baby wipes and remember the corkscrew is key- in fact, you might as well just leave both of these items in your picnic basket for safe measure!

Happy picnicking!

Why Spend Memorial Day Weekend 2017 in a Myrtle Beach Vacation Rental

What better way to spend the Memorial Day Weekend than at the beach? Each year, families and friends flock to the coast to do just that. Haven?t quite settled on plans yet? You still have some time! Memorial Day falls this year on Monday, May 29th. With the three-day weekend, people typically make it into a mini-vacation. This particular holiday includes certain traditions, such as backyard barbecues, that are truly best carried out in a home. When you book your stay in a vacation rental, you get to have a vacation that feels like home.Renting a vacation home allows you to stay put.When you have a three-story oceanfront home rented out for the weekend, why would you ever have to leave? There?s something especially rejuvenating about going on vacation and truly not worrying about doing anything but simply relaxing. The beach is in your backyard.Even if your rental unit is not quite oceanfront, you will likely still be a short walk or golf cart ride away. There?s nothing better than not having to pack up the car to head to the beach.All of the amenities you miss when staying at a hotel.Community areas to spend quality time with your family, more than one bathroom, the list could go on. The biggest perk of renting a vacation home during your Memorial Day Weekend trip is the use of a kitchen! Memorial Day at the beach simply doesn?t feel the same when you have to dine out at a restaurant instead of grill out in your backyard.There?s still plenty of time to book your Memorial Day Weekend with friends, family or just the two of you. See our list of available rentals to find your vacation that feels like home.

5 Reasons a Day at the Beach is Good for Your Health

Though you likely don't need any additional reasons to spend a vacation at the beach, here are 5 reasons a day at the beach is good for your health:

The saltwater is great for your body.

Saltwater heals small nicks and scrapes while a long soak in it can do wonders for your muscles and joints. It also offers a great exfoliant for your skin which means you’ll be able to get rid of that top layer of dry skin that’s been itching you for days!


You’ll get to soak up some Vitamin D.

A good intake of Vitamin D is great for your skin and overall health which means a day at the beach provides the perfect way to soak up the sun. However, be sure you’re regularly reapplying sunscreen throughout the day because too much sun can be a bad thing!


You’ll likely go for a walk.

While spending time at the beach, it’s hard to resist a walk along the shore which is a good thing! Going for a walk along the beach will promote strong blood flow, loosen up tight muscles and overall add some energy back to your body.


A beach nap is inevitable.

As long as you’re not squeezed amongst a crowd of kids, you’ll likely find yourself dozing off to the sound of waves and gulls chirping. A nice nap a great energy booster and is a great way to reset your body.


The beach works as a stress reliever.

Not only do the sound of the waves work as a great stimulate for a nap, it also works alongside the warm ocean breeze and overall landscape to produce some much-needed stress relief.

What are your favorite beach health benefits?

2017 Kid-friendly Summer Events in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is always filled with fun activities, especially during the summer months.  However, it can be tricky determining which events your kids will enjoy most.Here are our top picks for kid-friendly summer events in Myrtle Beach:Mayfest on Main Festival - May 13The Mayfest on Main Festival features music, arts, crafts and food that will entice every member of the family. Parents can rest easy knowing their kids will be thoroughly entertained by the festival?s kid-friendly area.Bonus: the event is free!World Famous Blue Crab Festival - May 20 & 21The World Famous Blue Crab Festival offers a day full of good food and fun for the whole family. For the past six years, it?s been ranked one of the best events/festivals along the Grand Strand. Kids will enjoy an area fully dedicated to kid-friendly crafts and activities. Bonus: kids under 13 are free, while the cost of entrance for those 13 and up is only $5. Movies Under The StarsEvery Friday night in June, July and August, The Market Common hosts a kid-friendly movie under the stars. The event offers the perfect opportunity to enjoy the fresh coastal air and spend time together as a family. You can view the full lineup of movies here. Bonus: the event is free! Sounds of SummerSounds of Summer is held at the North Myrtle Beach Parks & Sports Complex and is held June 16th, July 21st, August 18 and September 15. The event boasts family-friendly music and a night of family time under the stars.Bonus: the event is free!

Things to do in Myrtle Beach When You're Tired of the Sand

Myrtle Beach vacations are typically full of a whole of sun and a plethora of sand. But, when the sand becomes too much and you’re ready for a change of pace, the area also boasts plenty of sand free activities.

Here are our top recommendations for things to do in Myrtle Beach when you’re tired of the sand:

Go see a show at Alabama Theatre.

Alabama Theatre is a favorite amongst locals and visitors alike. Offering their own Broadway-style show, ONE The Show, most nights of the week, visitors will get the chance to see an outstanding performance that offers an excellent respite from the sand and the sun.

Pro tip: during the summer months, kids tickets for ONE The Show are free with the purchase of an adult ticket.


Spend time at the Ripley’s Aquarium or other Ripley’s attractions.

The Ripley’s Aquarium in Myrtle Beach is a top-notch aquarium that will offer you and your family the opportunity to enjoy an up-close and personal experience with some amazing sea creatures. In addition to Ripley’s Aquarium, Ripley’s also boasts other attractions like Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Odditorium, Haunted Adventure, Moving Theater, Mirror Maze all located in Myrtle Beach. Each Ripley’s attraction offers some fun, family time and a chance to take a break from the sand!

Pro tip: for even more special experience, sign up for one of the aquarium’s Sharks After Dark Family Sleepover events held during summer and fall months.


Have fun at Broadway Grand Prix.

Friendly competition and a whole lot of family fun await at Broadway Grand Prix. With 7 go kart tracks, an arcade, mini golf, a rock wall, bumper cars and a kids zone, there’s plenty of activities to keep you and your family entertained.

Pro tip: buy your tickets on their website to save on the overall ticket package price.


Try out different mini golf courses.

Just a quick drive through Myrtle Beach will tell you that the area is home to a plethora of different mini golf courses. When you’ve finally gotten tired of the sand, mini golf offers the perfect fun and family-friendly escape.

Pro tip: many mini golf courses in the area stay open late during the summer which offers a great late night activity.

Top Activities in Myrtle Beach for Thrill Seekers

For some, a vacation needs to be the perfect combination of relaxing and thrilling. Likely, you?re aware of the many reasons Myrtle Beach offers a relaxing vacation, but did you know it?s also the perfect spot to catch some major thrills? Here are some top activities in Myrtle Beach for thrill seekers:

  1. Broadway Grand Prix?s Sky Coaster
The Broadway Grand Prix Sky Coaster rests 100ft up in the air and flings thrill seekers quickly through the sky. And, luckily, if you just can?t get enough of it, you can purchase the ?Biggest Wristband? ticket package and receive unlimited flights on the Sky Coaster.View operating hours and ticket prices here.
  1. Parasailing
There?s nothing more thrilling than speeding through the sky attached to a boat! It?s also an exciting way to view Myrtle Beach.
  1. Myrtle Waves Water Park
Though it?s possible to have a relaxing day at the water park, Myrtle Waves? boasts some water slides that will leave any thrill seeker entertained! You can view their rides and get tickets to the park here.
  1. Myrtle Beach Thrill Rides
Myrtle Beach Thrill Rides is located in Downtown Myrtle Beach and offers three exciting rides: The Skycraper, The Sling Shot and The Air Strike. All three are guaranteed to satisfy the thrill lover in your family! Pro tip: continuously check their site for discounts. Here is their current discount.
  1. Helicopter Adventures
Helicopter Adventures offers a chance to view Myrtle Beach from up to 40 miles in the air satisfying even the most daring thrill seekers. With an amazing views of the area, it?s a thrilling adventure you?ll always remember. Learn more about their hours of operation and pricing here.
  1. Ziplines
Add some thrills to your vacation by zipping through the air at high speed! Choose to zipline at Soar & Explore located at Broadway at the Beach and soar 50 feet over a scenic lake or choose to zipline at Go Ape Zip Line & Treetop Adventure and soar through the trees! Either course is sure to be thrilling. Contact Seaside Rentals to plan your beach vacation today!

Myrtle Beach Area Parks Perfect For Running

A Myrtle Beach vacation doesn’t mean you have to stop working out! With 60 miles of pristine white sandy beach, endless parks and roadways Myrtle Beach can provide the perfect oasis for vacationers and runners alike.

Here are a few Myrtle Beach area parks perfect for running:


Central Park - 1400 Outrigger Rd. Myrtle Beach

Central Park offers a ¼ mile paved running path in addition to 3 multi-purpose fields, restrooms and other sports complexes like tennis courts and baseball fields making it the perfect place to get a workout in.


McLean Park - 93 Oak Dr., N. Myrtle Beach

McLean Park is located in the heart of Myrtle Beach and is just 2-3 blocks from some of the area’s most popular oceanfront hotels and rentals. The park offers a paved ½ mile walking path as well as a fitness trail. With a lake and many untouched areas of nature, it provides a great escape for runners.


Huntington Beach State Park - 16148 Ocean Hwy 17, Murrells Inlet

Huntington Beach State Park is just a short drive from downtown Myrtle Beach and is $5 for entry, but the acres of forest, bird sanctuaries and beaches make it a great escape for running.

View their website for park hours.


Grand Park at Market Common - 1011 Crabtree Lane, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

Grand Park at Market Common features playgrounds, soccer fields, a roller hockey rink and a 1-mile fitness trail that circles along a lake.

In addition to parks for training, Myrtle Beach typically hosts nine different running races in any given year. From full marathons, to half marathons and 5K races, check out this list of running events and pick your run for fun in the Myrtle Beach sun!

Seven Places to Get Craft Beer in Myrtle Beach

The Grand Strand is full of amazing local eats and to no surprise, it?s also full of some amazing places to grab a craft brew. So, when the sun is beaming down, the weather is heating up and it?s time to sip on a cold brew, here are seven of our favorite places to get craft beer in Myrtle Beach:

New South Brewing
1109 Campbell Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 20577New South Brewing in downtown Myrtle Beach has a delectable selection of ?the beer from here? that includes a line-up of in-demand, year-round ales. Try the Dirty Myrtle double IPA and Waccamaw Red Ale.
Liberty Brewery & Grill 
1321 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577Liberty Brewery & Grill located in Broadway at the Beach is always a go-to for not only outstanding food, but in-house brewed beer as well. Coming up in April, the release of the yet to be named double IPA. With 44lbs of Citra hops going into this big IPA, this one is calling out to all hop heads and citrus lovers alike!
Bumstead?s Pub
400 Mister Joe White Avenue, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577Bumstead?s Pub feels exactly as it should with its old style pub aesthetic and the plethora of cold craft brew to go with it. Try the Helles Lager and Rouge Dead Guy Ale. Or the other 150 beers they have.Atlas Tap House ? 1004 Chester Street, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577Known for having the unusual. Atlas Tap House where the craft beer crowd goes to try something exciting, fresh and new. This is the spot to load up on your sour ale fix, your big IPA fix, or any style you could possibly want. Enjoy your brew on the back deck and play some games or relax and smell the ocean breeze.
Island Bar & Grill Surfside
2272 Glenns Bay Road, Myrtle Beach, SC 29575Hidden away in a strip mall off 17 bypass on the south side of the Grand Strand, live music and good times aren?t all that?s to be had at Island Bar & Grill in Surfside. This a locals spot that has something for everyone, keeps the craft beer flowing, and makes the beer nerds happy. Try the new Hi-Red IPA.
Grumpy Monk
4545 HWY 501, Myrtle Beach, SC 29579Visiting this spot is like visiting a treasure trove full of North and South Carolina breweries. Expect to find big hitters here as well like Sierra Nevada and their new Hoppy Peach IPA, which is perfect for those just getting acquainted with, and those already in love with, the IPA style.
Hurricane Maggie?s
7710 North Kings Highway, Myrtle Beach, SC 29572Situated on the north side of Myrtle Beach, this two-story locals hole-in-the-wall features a cozy feel, wonderful live local music, a tap list that will simply blow you away. The tap list changes so frequently that each visit is an entirely new set of surprises.What are your favorite places to get a craft beer in Myrtle Beach?

Where the Easter Bunny Will be Dining This Easter

Where the Easter Bunny Will be Dining This Easter If this is the year you?re bringing the family on an Easter vacation to the beach, someone is sure to want to visit with the Easter Bunny while they?re here. We can tell you about the following eight places where the Easter bunny will be dining this Easter (and it's not just lettuce!) that provide excellent photo opportunities as well.Dates vary by location. It?s a great treat for kids of all ages (even the big ones though they won?t admit it!). With an assortment of locations and price points we?re sure you?ll be able to find one that suits your family. Please call ahead to make your reservations!The Brass Tap ? Breakfast with the Easter Bunny3090 Deville St. Myrtle Beach9:00 am - 11:00 am on March 25, 2017Cost: $10 per person (ages 3 and under eat free)Call: (843) 945-1747WebsiteTravinia Italian Kitchen ? Breakfast with the Easter Bunny4011 Deville St - Market Common, Myrtle Beach9:00 am - 11:00 am on April 1, 2017Cost: Cost is $10 per personCall: (843) 233-8500WebsiteTupelo Honey Café ? Breakfast with the Easter Bunny3042 Howard Ave, Myrtle Beach9:00 am - 11:00 am on April 8, 2017Cost: $10 per person (complementary for ages 3 and under)Call: (843) 315-3780WebsiteBrunch & Easter Egg Hunt with the Easter BunnyThompson Farm, 1625 Bucksville Dr., ConwayLimited seating from 10:00 am - 1:00 pm on April 8, 2017Cost: Ages 14 & up $19 +tax, Ages 9-13 $17 +tax, Ages 3-8 $12 +tax, Ages 2 and under: free with paid adult. Egg hunt & farm activities only is $9Call: (843) 236-1400WebsiteLunch with the Easter Bunny at HCPR North Strand Rec Center120 Hwy 57S, Little River11:00 am - 1:00 pm on April 8, 2017Cost: $5Call: (843) 915-5331WebsiteRockin? with the Easter BunnyHard Rock Café Myrtle Beach, 1318 Celebrity Circle, Myrtle Beach9:00 am - 11:00 am on April 15, 2017Cost: $13.95 Per Person (Children 2 and Younger Free with a Paying Adult)Call: (843) 946-0007WebsiteBreakfast at Gordon Biersch with the Easter BunnyGordon Biersch Myrtle Beach, 3060 Howard Ave, Myrtle Beach9:00 am - 11:00 am on April 15, 2017Cost: Cost is $10 per person (free for ages 3 and under)Call: (843) 839-0249WebsiteBrunch with the Easter Bunny at the Children?s MuseumChildren?s Museum of South Carolina, 2204 N Oak St, Myrtle Beach10:00 am - 11:30 am on April 15, 2017Cost: Varies.Call: (843) 946-9469Website 

Three Best Breakfast Places in Myrtle Beach

Long days on the beach or strolling around the Grand Strand, can’t truly begin without a stop at a local breakfast joint. Here are our three favorite breakfast places in Myrtle Beach:


Mammy’s Kitchen

Mammy’s Kitchen has been a staple in the Myrtle Beach area since the 1950’s. Located in the Downtown area, Mammy’s is just a short walk to favorite Myrtle Beach attractions. But, not only is the location amazing, the food is too! At breakfast, you’ll stumble upon a mouth-watering Southern-style buffet filled with breakfast favorites like biscuits and gravy, grits, pancakes and french toast.

Tip: If you’re not an early riser, Mammy’s serves up breakfast until noon!


Dino’s House of Pancakes

If you’re a devoted pancake lover, you’ll want to grab breakfast at Dino’s House of Pancakes. With menu items like Apple-Cinnamon Pancakes, Fresh Georgia Pecan Pancakes and Hawaiian Pancakes, any fan of pancakes will enjoy the variety of flavors. Though Dino’s House of Pancakes features some amazing pancake combos, you’ll also find breakfast favorites like french toast, waffles, eggs and breakfast sandwiches.

Tip: Try their Pigs In A Blanket which is 3 sausage links wrapped in 3 buttermilk pancakes!


Sea Captain’s House

Well-known for lunch and dinner, Sea Captain’s House is also a favorite water-front spot to enjoy breakfast. Once there, you can indulge in breakfast staples like pancakes, grits, waffles or french toast, or you can take a different route and enjoy unique breakfast meals like crabmeat omelets or crab cakes benedict.