Attraction Spotlight: Surfside Beach Pier

One of the most iconic attractions in Surfside Beach is the Surfside Pier, which has been a mainstay of visitors and residents of Surfside Beach since 1953. The pier is a great place for families and fishers to visit during their time at the beach as it offers some pretty breathtaking views of the water and the beach.

Here are 5 Facts about Surfside Pier you might not know:

  1. The pier has been rebuilt about 3 times since then, and it’s currently about 830 feet long.
  2. The Pier has a tackle shop, gift shop, and ice cream parlor located in it and is open to walkers and fishers.
  3. You can get a great meal at the Surf Diner one the pier for some of the best waterfront dining on Surfside Beach!
  4. Residents and homeowners in Surfside Beach get free access to the pier with proper identification. Visitors get daily walking access to the pier for just $1.
  5. The coast for float fishing is $12.50 per person daily for non-residents and $6.25 per person per day for residents; the price for bottom fishing is $9 per person per day for non-residents and $4.50 per person per day for residents.

Our guests have said that some of their fondest vacation memories from Surfside Beach have happened either on the pier or using the pier as a backdrop. So when you’re planning your Surfside Beach vacation, be sure to include the pier on your list of “Places To See!”