Contact the Staff at Surfside Realty


Patsy Brindisi Accounting Manager Email 800-833-8232 Ext 8903
Tina Larsen Rental Accounting Email 843-839-8903

Association Management

Nancy Constable Assistant Community Manager Email Ext. 8912
Dianne Corkum Community Manager Email Ext. 8910
Pam Furlong Administrative Assistant Email Ext. 6131
Nancy Gardner Assistant Community Manager Email Ext. 8906
Donna Logan Community Manager Email Ext. 8911
Susan Pendergrass Community Manager Email Ext. 8909

Beach Vacations

Darla Cobbett Maintenance Coordinator / Vacation Planner Email 843-839-8925
Kate Henry Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Haley Morris Marketing Coordinator/ Vacation Planner Email 800-833-8231
Renata Morrissette Annual Rentals Email 843-238-3435
Angela Santopietro Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Courtney Scott Vacation Planner Email 843-238-3435
Tyler Servant Director of Rental Operations/REALTOR Email 843-839-8929
Darlene Ward Property Services Email 843-839-7180
Elizabeth Wilhelm-Parsons Annual Rentals Email 843-238-3435
Travis Worthy Director of Business Development Email 843-839-7655

Pools & Landscaping

Sharolyn Jewell Manager Email Ext. 8908
Terry Shelley Administrative Assistant Email Ext. 7665

Real Estate Sales

John Connolly REALTOR Email 843-222-0303
Jenn Cribb REALTOR Email 843-267-0225
Patti Embry REALTOR Email 843-450-7743
Ken Harbin REALTOR Email 843-458-8340
Jessica Hoffman REALTOR Email 843-685-0331
Nancy McCabe REALTOR Email 843-283-4540
Douglas Morris REALTOR Email 843-222-4662
Martha Mountan Sales Coordinator Email Ext. 6123
Carolyn Raines-Harbin REALTOR Email 843-458-8341
Miles Servant REALTOR Email 843-222-2228
Tyler Servant REALTOR/Director of Rental Operations Email 843-222-6656
E.J. Servant, III Broker-In-Charge Email 843-839-8900
Elizabeth Wilhelm-Parsons REALTOR Email 843-452-8686