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Lazer Fx Lazer Tag, Myrtle Beach SC

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Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29578




The ultimate high tech adventure, where cutting edge computer technology combines with action-oriented team play to create an exciting, heart-racing experience. This is a true group activity - you are the game! From children 4 years old and up who expect to be thrilled, to those skeptical adults and business people who need a bit of convincing, everyone is captured by the game moments after play begins.

Of course, there is laser tag and then there is laser tag at Lazer FX - Lazer Tag. Our signature features - including fully themed facilities, two-team games, unique game arenas (no two anywhere in the world are alike), and our renowned multi-level play - set us apart from all other laser tag adventures.

In the fall off 2005 Lazer FX - Lazer Tag underwent a major facility upgrade - including all new game equipment, new software, a second Sentinel feature (see below), and new hardware; making our venue the most reliable and sophisticated laser tag site in the country. Game equipment and bases actually speak to players during game play, offering game hints and directions. Additionally, our game software is now capable of an endless selection of game formats and game parameter variations to insure a constant ever changing thrill in game play.